9 Classic 90's Childhood Movies

Personally, I like to remember my 90's childhood through all the amazing films I watched. Whenever it was rainy... Whenever it was boring... Whenever you were sick, you'd 'PoP' open the hard-plastic case of your favourites VHS, and get lost in its world. Ahhh... Childhood Movies. They were the best. Fast forwarding through all the movie trailers, then pausing it just at the movie-studio's intro (causing the whole screen to seizure) to get a Soda'Stream top-up. Ahhhh... The 90's. Here are some of the best Childhood Movies from the best decade I've ever been in...


1. The Indian In The Cupboard (1995).

A classic. OUR 'Night At The Museum.' (I still watched all of the 'Night At The Museum' titles as well though, just saying!... . PLUS this has Steve Coogan in it as well!)

Tells the story of Omri who receives the gift of a magical cupboard on his ninth birthday (WAIT! COME BACK!) He finds that when he puts a toy into the cupboard, locks the unlocks it, the toy comes to life (HONESTLY, IT'S BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS!) So he puts his toy 'Indian' (As in Native American, by the way...) in, and the adventure begins...



2. Jungle 2 Jungle (1997).

An honestly entertaining (in my opinion) Tim Allen- vehicle, that isn't 'The Santa Claus 1'... Wow, what a gloriously weird sentence... Thats why I love the 90's dudddeee. In a ridiculous turn of events, Tim (playing a 'Commodities Broker' named Michael Cromwell) learns that he has a wild, tribe-reared son in Venezuela, whilst looking for his ex-wife whom he wants to divorce. This son of his, 'Mimi-Siku' (obviously) has to travel back to New York with his father to become a "Real man." Yep. This got the green light. And I'm glad it did.


3. Jumanji (1995).

Two kids find a board game that turns out to be more than just a game... Its called Jumanji, and they soon learn that it's magical power have kept one Alan Parrish (Robin Williams) and his best friend Sarah Whittle captive for many decades. They all decide to play it together, to beat the game and free them all from it's clasp forever... Williams is in fine form here.



4. Space Jam (1996).

Michael Jordan... Bugs Bunny... Charles Barkley... Daffy Duck... Never mind LeBron and 'sequels'; the first movie was the 'King' in the 90s. It was everywhere... Cereal boxes, Happy Meals, Underpants... And we loved it! Basically Michael Jordan gets pulled down a golf hole, joins a cartoon basketball team, they play a monster cartoon basketball team, and Bugs' 'Michael's Secret Stuff' helps. It's glorious.



5. Blank Cheque (1994).

God, I am so materialistic, because this movie was MY DREAM LIFE.  Preston, a 12 year old kid gets a blank cheque off of a big time criminal as compensation after he runs over Preston's bike. Preston takes a gamble and writes $1,000,000 on the cheque. THE CHEQUE GETS HONOURED... Oh lord, the possibilities! The kid playing Preston was a little dick though, and his performance can be tough viewing at times looking back, but it's just so much fun, it actually doesn't matter!


6. She's All That (1999).


Modern take on 1964's 'My Fair Lady', or Shaw's 'Pygmalion', if you're looking that far back. When his girlfriend breaks up with him, popular jock Zack Siler's (Freddie Prinze Jr.) friends challenge him to turn any girl they choose into Prom Queen in just six weeks. They pick Laney Boggs (Rachael Leigh Cook). After much too-ing and fro-ing, blah blah blah she's gorgeous, hes popular, she falls down the stairs, it's a good time.


7. Matilda (1996).

Classic screen adaptation of Roald Dahl's ageless story. Follows the life of young Matilda, as she is forced by her cruel family (Bad Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman... What would Andy Kaufman say?!) into attending a horribly authoritarian school run by Miss Trunchbull. Another teacher in the school, Miss Honey, sees Matilda for who really she is, and starts to see how magical a child she can be...


8. The Sandlot (1993).

A truly timeless film (set in the early 60s lol) about a baseball signed by Baby...Baby Rut-... Baby Ruthy? BABE RUTH?! THE SULTAN OF SWAT! THE KING OF CRASH! THE COLOSSUS OF CLOUT! THE COLOSSUS OF CLOUT! (Twinning)... THE GREAT BAMBINO! Featuring a guy that says 'Yeah, yeah!' to everything, so is christened 'Yeah, yeah!', the 'S'mores', the Converse sneakers, the big-ass dog, Karen Allen as 'Mom' (faints). AND Wendy Peffercorn, AND "Fo-re-ver! Fo-re-ver!" Perfection.


9. Fly Away Home (1996).

If you aren't a fan of geese (who isn't a fan of geese? Honestly...), or are annoyed by the fact that if you pause any close-up scene of Anna Paquin's face in any movie she's appeared in, she looks like someone made her face out of Playdoh and teeth (trust me, its a thing... Google: Anna Paquin face squish, or 'Anna Paquin Syndrome'). She saves geese. It's very 90s. Its classic viewing.

NOTE: This is just Nine movies. Nine movies don't define a decade. Look at a more comprehensive list in point number '6' here


Stephen Brennan

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