9 Conversations Every Girl Has Had In The Toilet Of A Nightclub

9 Conversations Every Girl Has Had In The Toilet Of A Nightclub

The nightclub toilet has become a place where Irish females go to find solace, make life-long friendships and seek urgent life advice.

But seriously, who hasn't had the ultimate DMC along the sick-stained toilets of a nightclub?

Here is the ultimate list of conversations every girl has had at some stage.

1. The classic, 'do I look nice?'

Everyone needs that one friend – that no matter how rotten or drunk you are, their answer is always the same, 'You look bleedin' GORGE hun.'


2. 'Do you want some of my naggin?'


Students are partial to sneak in the odd naggin or two. Nothing says friendship like sharing a naggin while squished into a cubicle together.


3. 'Let's call Laura... no answer, what a b****'

We've all been there where we've called a friend to come in and they don't answer. This is NOT acceptable and involves digging up all the skeletons from her closet and sharing it with the entire room.

4. 'Would you ever hurry up, you're taking ages'

Perhaps the most common occurrence in an Irish nightclub bathroom. It involves two, maybe three girls taking up to 15 minutes in the toilet. They discuss everything from their nail polish to what tan they're wearing. HURRY UP.



5. The 'I'm so sorry' conversation, while you hold back your friend's hair as she gets sick

Ahh, we've all been there. Your best friend is hammered and is spewing all over the shop, she apologises in between puking – friendship at its finest.

6. 'I love you so much, I literally don't know what I'd do without you'

Perhaps you've met them once or twice before, but as soon as you embark to the bathroom together it's a complete love-fest. You tell them everything about your life and for that magical night you're the best of pals.



7. Relationship advice from the toilet attendant

Whether it's about your ex or your current crush, the toilet attendant knows exactly what to say in your drunk state. By offering a spritz of perfume or a delicious lollipop they just seem to make everything better, not all heroes wear capes.


8. 'Oh my god I don't hate you! Why would you think that? I never hated you, I thought you hated me!'

That moment of pure gold when a friendship is born off the initial thought that you hated each other's guts.

9. And finally: 'I'm not being dramatic, but I've NEVER needed to pee so much in my life. I'm actually going to have to go outside and squat if this line doesn't move.'

Desperate times call for desperate measures.



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Ciara Finnegan

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