9 Pairs Of Shoes Every Guy In His 20s Should Own

I remember the days when I used to have two pairs of shoes; one for when I was in school, and one for when I wasn't. But I'm an adult now, and there are too many varied situations in my life to get away with having just two pairs. Unfortunately, some guys don't seem to have realised this, and just think that a pair of Asics will do, regardless of whether they're in the gym or in a pub, or just walking around town Here are the different types of shoes that every man should own.



I know I gave Asics a hard time in the opening paragraph, but everyone should still own a pair of gym shoes, for the appropriate occasion obviously. Exercise is important, and if you've ever gone for a run in the wrong pair of shoes and dealt with the blisters afterwards, you'll know why gym shoes are so important.




The staple item of any self-respecting college student. Whether it's Converse, Vans, or whatever your preference is, canvas shoes go great with jeans and tracksuit bottoms and shorts and nearly everything you can think of. Of course they aren't suitable for formal occasions, so you'll need something different for that.



These are excellent for just such an occasion, and have the added advantage of never going out of fashion. They can be worn with jeans or slacks, and are perfect for when you're going to something that's too fancy for canvas, but not fancy enough for leather.



Black Leather

EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN A PAIR OF BLACK LEATHER SHOES. IF YOU DON'T, GO OUT AND BUY A PAIR NOW. I'm sorry that I had to shout, but some guys really need to pay attention to this. And when you do have a pair, don't just wear them and then completely forget about them afterwards. They need a little bit more TLC than the average shoe, and you'll be amazed how good a bit of polish will do.


Brown Leather


Not quite as important as the black leather shoes, but if you want to change things up a little bit when you're wearing a suit, go for brown. Just make sure that you're belt matches the shoes, and for the love of God, don't wear brown shoes if you're wearing a black suit.


Flip Flops

A little bit optimistic when you're living in Ireland, but if you're just going to the shop or something like that then they're perfect, especially if you're too lazy to put socks on. And when you are on holidays, if you're wearing anything other than flip flops to the beach then you're just doing it wrong.




For the times when you need to walk a little bit further than would be comfortable in flip flops, but you're still too lazy for socks. Just don't get the stupid ones with the soles made out of cork. Buy a pair of Toms or some other decent brand.


Football Boots


Even if you only play football once every two months with your friends, you should still own a pair. Nobody wants to be the guy who has to ask to borrow someone else's smelly pair every time do you play.



Just kidding. They are never acceptable. Ever. They make me so sick that I can't even post a picture of them, so here's a gif of a ridiculously cute turtle instead.



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