Outrage After A Priest Preached About Abortion At A School Communion

Outrage After A Priest Preached About Abortion At A School Communion

A priest from Co.Louth is under scrutiny after preaching about abortion and the upcoming referendum during a local school's communion service on Sunday afternoon.

Father Martin McVeigh from Clogherhead, was conducting a communion mass for local children when he decided it was the perfect moment to reflect on his views on abortion. Many parents got up and left the church during their children’s mass seeing as they felt there was no need to subject their children to such a discussion at such a young age. Bear in mind most children in the church would be the age of 7/8, and some relatives would be even younger.

Many of the parents and families at the service may not be regular mass goers, and were incensed that such a sensitive issue, and one wholly unsuitable for the age-group in attendance was brought up.

Speaking on LMFM, Louth’s regional radio station, Michael Reade and Marie Kierans discussed the matter, and the reactions of the local community came flooding in.


Michael and Marie discussed how Father McVeigh is seemingly not upset that he may have offended the congregation, and says “Many people are offended by people doing the right thing, just how people were offended by Jesus Christ”. It’s unsure whether McVeigh was comparing himself to Jesus Christ or not.

One listener texted in saying “Where was the Catholic churches ethos when they were sending babies to septic tanks?” Michael Reade, the presenter of the Michael Reade show on LMFM said it was unfair to bring up something that happened in the 50s in comparison to McVeigh speaking to children about the Catholic Churches ethos on abortion.

While there are a few people who agree with what the priest had chosen to speak about, many were outraged at how he chose a communion congregation to preach about the delicate subject of abortion to.

It is without a doubt that parents should be able to decide when and how their children learn about such a sensitive topic, and be able to choose how they explain it to their children, without the input of the local Church.

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Grainne Sharkey

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