How The #HomeToVote Sponsors Have Made A Massive Difference

How The #HomeToVote Sponsors Have Made A Massive Difference

Home to vote is an initiative put into action by Irish people who are living abroad during the vote to repeal or not repeal the 8th Amendment. They’re taking action to travel home from where ever they’ve settled to make sure they have a say on the future of women’s health care in their home country, Ireland.

It’s amazing to see so many people taking flight, or going to sea to travel home in time, even just for 24 hours. There’s been funding from all kinds of organisations to get registered Irish voters home to make their mark, including colleges, Abroad to Vote and even random people from all over the world who want to sponsor students, or anyone who can’t afford the flight home.

The sweetest thing I’ve seen on the twitter-sphere so far is people who are looking to sponsor people’s flights or buses home to do their bit to support the Vote for Yes. You can also find potential sponsors on Abroad for Yes page on Facebook. It’s mostly people who are ineligible to vote themselves, or people who have lived outside of the country and lost their right to vote. Whether it’s a lift down the country, a tenner for your taxi or a flight across the Pacific Ocean, people who are looking to sponsor are filling our timeline with pleads to help the cause in any way they can.


People supporting the cause in whatever shape or form they can is an inspiring thing to see online, and is really bringing the Vote Yes community together. Walking through the streets acknowledging another person wearing a badge, a sticker or wearing a jumper, or stopping to talk to a fellow comrade on the streets, is just the little things that make the Vote Yes people warm your heart.

However you’re getting to the polling station tomorrow, make sure you plan your day around getting there, what to bring, what to wear and where to put your X. It may seem simple, but the amount of ballots that go uncounted because of tiny mistakes is astonishing.

Whatever way you’re going to vote just make sure you get your vote heard. Every vote counts. The divorce referendum passed by just 9,000 votes, which is the equivalent to one vote in every ballot box. With the Yes vote ahead in the latest polls, by just 56% in favour, it really shows that making your vote can really make the difference between the 8th being voted out or not.

If you are still an undecided voter, head online and read what both sides have to say. Look for some personal stories from people who have been affected by the 8th amendment first hand. I recommend heading to In Her Shoes Facebook page to read about women and men who have witnessed or lived through what the 8th can do.

Whatever you do, just make sure you use your vote and don’t let it go to waste!! And if you’re looking to get sponsored yourself, head onto Twitter and look for the people who are offering their cash dolla under the #hometovote hashtag.

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Grainne Sharkey

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