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2013 in music was a hurricane of pop madness. We saw Miley Cyrus become something of a comic-like villain, we saw the rise of Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams to global prominence and we even heard an alright track or two along the way. 2014 now lies in wait and we can only guess as to what will happen but I think it's a safe bet to say we've seen the last of Psy. So, here's our guide to some of the albums confirmed/ rumoured for next year:

Lady Gaga has just released the hit album ARTPOP but she'll be back for more in 2014 with Cheek to Cheek, a duet album with Tony Bennett, who worked with her before on his last duet album. To be frank, I doubt it'll make that much of an impact in the charts but Lady Gaga doesn't make an album every day and this will mark an unusual contrast to the material she usually releases.

Lily Allen released the satirical-pop hit "Hard Out Here" in November and next year, she will release her first album in five years. It has yet to be titled but her popularity remains high despite the relatively long absence from the pop scene.

U2 will also unveil their first album in five years. Not much is known about this project but U2 have never been known for the most varied sound, so expect guitar squalls and Bono singing about social/ global problems.

Kasabian's last effort Velociraptor! was released in 2011, so it's time for their fifth offering. They've been very quiet this year and a part from a few hints about live shows and new songs next summer, not much has been said. Expect a darker offering (whatever that should mean) and some big rock tunes though!


Lana Del-Rey, whose voice resonates with the chilling echo of a thousand dead victorian ghosts, has named her next album Ultra-Violence but a release date has not yet been set. Her first album was of course, a major success, even leading to the re-release deluxe editition, so she's sure to not dawdle about and mess with this one!

Chris Brown's X probably should have been released this year, as there have been three singles released from it already. It seems he's been busy with one thing or another though, so 2014 looks to be the year he makes his next great statement. If you thought this guy was abusive enough to the point that your ears bled however, be prepared for surgery, for this album will be a DOUBLE ALBUM.

This one is up-in-the-sky at the moment but Adele has been working on her third album reportedly. 2014 could be the year we hear it, or 2015... not much has been said.

In a time when albums are dropped with no notice (Beyoncé), it is hard to say exactly what 2014 will bring but a fair few major projects are in the works (possibly more Foo Fighters, for example), so worry not. There will be more captivating projects on the way!




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