Kasabian's Top 10

With rumours running rampant about a potential Glastobury headlining slot and a new album teased for this June, we here at Collegetimes feel that the time is ripe for a top 10 accumulation of their best songs. So without further ado, feel free to debate:

10. Switchblade Smiles

This was the first promo release for their fourth album, Velociraptor! It was also the one which facilitated the most noise and pandemonium when they played Dublin in 2011. It's a hazy mix of distortion, rock n' roll and other elements I can't quite identify, but an infectious number nonetheless.

9. Club Foot

It's gotten a little stale over the years thanks to its overt-repetition on Sports' channels but it's their foremost anthem and to exclude it would be an unwise decision.


8. Vlad The Impaler

The band play this one regularly and often with Noel Fielding (wielding a spear) in attendance. It's what Kasabian's all about really; rock n' roll pinched with a grain of dance.


7. Goodbye Kiss

Personally, I wish they did more songs like this. It's rare to come by a rock band these days that inject a bit of emotion into their album but "Goodbye Kiss" did just that. It's melodic, it's heartfelt and it deserves its place in any of their sets.

6. The Doberman

Empire is usually regarded as the least impressive of Kasabian's four albums but it has a solid beginning and conclusion. The latter is of course, "The Doberman." Like the rest of the album, it's bombastic and sharp but with a delightful "no-holes-barred" attitude attached to the instrumental grandeur at the end.


5. Thick As Thieves

It's one of singer Tom Meighan's favourites and it's no wonder why. When Kasabian aren't bashing about with big anthems, they can produce more delicate, acoustic numbers and on their third album, Serge showed the dynanimism of his songwriting capabilities.


4. Days Are Forgotten

It had the sound of a James Bond number but sadly it never made it to the big screen. Still, the epic proportions of "Days Are Forgotten" are not, dare I say it, easily forgotten. It's catchy, it's immediate and it's pure-Kasabian.

3. Fire

Kasabian had dealt with relative success on their first two albums but "Fire" and the subsequent release of the West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum would make them Britain's pre-eminent band in 2009. It remains to this day, their highest charting single.


2. LSF

It's become so legendary and popular amongst their fans that Kasabian have, in the past, extended this magnificently in their encore. Like "Club Foot," it makes the people sing but it also stands on its own (when listening to it on a bus for example) as a unique and inistent number.


1. Empire

This may be a controversial choice for some but "Empire" exudes all that is good about Kasabian. It's heavy like a lot of their work but leans differently, in comparison to the material of their first album. When you listen to this, especially with the video, you feel like you're on a battlefield, playing the guitar with a bow.

Honourable Mentions

We restricted it to ten songs but Kasbian fans would undoubtedly argue that there are many more you can't overlook. These include popular pleasers like "Underdog," "Cutt Off," "Shoot The Runner" and lesser known but often more interesting tracks such as, "By My Side" and "Let's Roll Just Like We Used To." Of course, it's all up for debate, so feel free to comment below.


Andrew Carolan
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Andrew (b. 1991) is the main music-editor. When not correcting the haphazard grammar of his brother and co-editor Matthew, Andrew enjoys listening to old rock and pop music, thinking about his favourite animals and playing piano.

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