Apple Reveal How Much We Unlock Our iPhones Every Day...

Ok truth be told, we are ALL guilty of checking our phones a bit more than we need to. Whether it's checking to see if you've missed a call, if that guy has seen your last whatsapp or if you just need to see the latest round of stories on snapchat- the thing is rarely out of our hands.

But how bad do you think you rank? Could you tell how many times you unlock your phone on a daily basis? The statistics for the average number of times we unlock our iPhones were revealed at a security meeting at Apple HQ recently.

So- The average amount of times you unlock your phone is 80 times a day. That's essentially every ten minutes we're checking it. Some of the worse offenders can unlock their phones upwards of 130 times throughout the day.

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Credit: The Dr. Phil Show

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