Bebo Gets Sold Back For 1 Million

Do we all remember Bebo? Sharing the 'love', painting on each others walls, selecting our 'top friends' and 'other halves'. Bebo was a colourful Facebook that was easier to use. Bebo was to Facebook as the Nokia 3310 was to the iPhone. Anyone who had an account, took pride in selecting an 'auto play' video and a 'skin'. The creative ones among us even designed their own skin.... ooohhh, cool.

Michael and Xochi Birch

Well, in 2005 Michael and Xochi Birch sold their social networking site to AOL for a mere $850 million. Both the rise of Facebook and mismanagement of the site led to the company crumbling and two months ago, Bebo filed for bankruptcy.


Now, Michael Birch has bought his company back for $1 million, ha! The 40 million users it once had await his next move.... Bring back Bebo!


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