The Best Date Spots To Drink On Valentines Day

The Bank 

A dating favourite of the CollegeTimes crew that we feel not enough people know about. If you are looking for a quick drink to start the night off, or a little pre dinner warmer, The Bank on College Green is a great spot. It's never let me down so far. A little bit of trivia that is always useful to impress your date - It was formerly the headquarters of Ulster Bank in the 1700s.



For the young and the restless amongst us, Pygmalion on Coppinger row is fast becoming one of Dublin's hottest nightlife spots. It wouldn't jump out at you as the most obvious date spot, but if you get there before the madness ensues you're in for a treat. If you want to delay Valentines day until Sunday or just you just forget about it altogether, Pyg does 40% off all drinks on a Sunday.



37 Dawson St 

The whiskey bar is a personal favourite of mine, ask for the hot whiskey and you'll be impressed, while also impressing your date with your supposed knowledge, just remember to wear nice shoes...


The VCC 


If you want to impress a lady this is the place for you. I'd recommend making a reservation as showing up at the door can make for quite the emasculating experience. You really feel like you're walking into an illicit speakeasy when you show up at the unassuming looking door and are to led up a long stairs to a big opulent Art Deco room.


The Morgan 

A great escape from the madness of Temple Bar, The Morgan is mainly famous for its cocktails. I'd recommend the strawberry mojito or the sour apple martini. The beds out back are good for an old snuggle if the date is going well ;).



The Market Bar 

Food is good (patatas bravas), drink is flowing, and there's a really nice mellow vibe to the place. Definitely one of my favourite bars in Dublin. Also just in case you were wondering, it used to be a shoe factory, hence the shoes... A useful factoid in case the conversation stalls!


The Liquor Rooms 


Find yourself a little alcove, nook or cranny this Valentine's in The Liquor Rooms, with plenty of little romantic spots to choose from you can mix and mingle or enjoy an intimate evening with a choice of craft cocktails, artisan foods as well as the regular line-up of spirits, draught & craft beers...


The Bar With No Name 

This is bound to be packed on Friday, with the covered smoking area a favourite of many young a Dubliner. It's a great spot for starting a casual little date pub crawl if that's what you're going for.


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