Best Ways To Survive The Bank Holiday Weekend Hangover

The bank holiday provides a great excuse for everyone to drive a session out over 3 consecutive days, rather than the normal 2 day weekend. However the 3 day rollover is an almighty task and requires severe intelligence and attention to detail if it is to be completed properly, and without any excess brain or liver damage! Here's the best tips to surviving the 3 day rollover this bank holiday weekend!

8. Plan out your finances.

The 3 day rollover requires a lot of funds, and there's no point in steamrolling through your weekend supply of dosh before Saturday night is even on the horizon. Plan ahead!

7. Leave your bank card at home!

Don't fall into this trap. Always leave your bank card at home. Too many times have we hit the ATM on more than one occasion during a single night's antics and come home empty handed!


6. Leave a 2 litre bottle of water by your bed.

It is the ultimate pre-morning cure. Although it may be the last thing on your mind to down a large bottle of water after your previous demolition of a copious number of pints, you'll thank yourself in the morning!

5. Stuff your face with some soakage before AND after each session.

Soakage is the key to NOT throwing up - all depending on what and when you eat though! Don't trifle down a beef noodle curry 5 minutes before you go on the beer. That's a guaranteed recipe for disaster! Get some good alcohol food! Get the greasiest, biggest and dirtiest you can find and that will do! Give yourself time to eat appropriately before and after you down your drink.


4. Fight off the fear!

The fear is your worst enemy. It will mess with your mind, your head, your dignity and of course, your sanity. Waking up the next morning not remembering WHAT or WHO you did is never a good feeling! You text around your friends trying desperately to fill in the gaps of the previous night's drunken debauchery!

3. Stay Hydrated.

Drink galleons of water to suppress your dizzy, drunken, idiotic state and it will also assist you tenfold with your almighty hangover in the morning.That's what's most important!


2. "Spirits before beer or you'll be on your ear."

The golden rule for all drinking - take care of them and they'll take care of you. If you do mix a cocktail of wine, vodka, cider and beer, make sure you drink them in the correct amount and order. Otherwise you're just setting yourself up for a nightmare tomorrow morning!

1. Down a pint of milk.

A quality pint of good Irish milk will line your stomach for a heavy night of drinking! Do it and you won't regret it.

Damien Slater
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Damien is a handsome 20-something recent graduate, with a developing tint of megalomania and unwarranted sense of entitlement. He is a fond lover of happy hour and is a self-proclaimed "expert" in pickup-artistry. With an aptitude for writing and solving algebraic equations, he is currently enjoying life, bouncing from one hot blonde to the next, and hopes to soon achieve the 100th notch on his bedpost.

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