From Bitched To Botched: The Rise Of Plastic Surgery

With the Kardashians being one of the most influential families in the world, it's no surprise that women are going under the knife to perfect their bodies. While the demand for plastic surgery has risen, breast enlargement has remained at the most popular procedure. After breast enlargement, eyelid surgery was among the most popular. Yes, fucking eyelids are what people are worried about nowadays.

Another overwhelming procedure taking the female population by storm? Yep, you guessed it, lip fillers. Some of these procedures can take just twenty minutes and can be low cost, which is likely to be what entices girls in. Women go to surgeons with an over photo shopped, edited vision of a celebrity in their head, begging to have lips like them. But there's only so much your local doctor can do with the 350 euro you gave him. Women forget that these celebrities have money and surgeons at their beacon call. Among the celebrities that women wish to look like with their lip fillers is Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie, who were both born with their mouths might I add. However, lip fillers can accentuate other facial features and give the face a new symmetry through augmentation or reduction.

The lip filler craze has risen by 50% since the 2000's. What appeals the most about lip fillers is they are not permanent. If you come out of the clinic with lips like a baboons arse, you can have your natural lips back in a number of months. Still, women are able to opt for a long term fixture by choosing lip injections instead. The recovery time is short-lived too so girls so girls can quickly upload selfies with their new lips.

How Young Is Too Young?

People weren't stupid. They knew that the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie, had had work done on her lips. After months of denying it to the ground, she finally gave an interview to The New York Times, praising her surgeon for his 'natural' way to lip fillers. So far, so normal, with plenty of starts admitting they had undergone plastic surgery. Except that Kylie had just turned 18.


It's easy to defend this as just a ''celebrities can do what they want' sort of thing, but so many girls see Kylie as someone to look up to, (bit less of that now please) and may see this as something of the norm. The number of girls in their 20's opting for plastic surgery has risen in the past year. These girls have grown up seeing celebrities get Botox or lip fillers and find it to be acceptable. They see these procedures as a fast fix way to smoother skin or bigger lips and see no reason to wait.

Ironically, a young girl in her 20's undergoing surgeries such as Botox, can actually make herself look older. These girls are under the illusion that undergoing Botox before the ageing process has begun will 'prolong' it, but really if ageing is a genuine thing you're concerned about, you should start these procedures in your late 30's/early 40's. If a girl is really worried about wrinkles, she should look into a cheaper and more natural way to slow it down. like sun protection and giving up the smokes for a start.




We can argue that many of these girls who are so young undergoing plastic surgery is because of the insecurities they battle on the inside. It's easy to fix the outside but if a girl suffers with self esteem issues, it's not something that can be cured by fixing something they physically dislike about themselves.

The dangers of plastic surgery apply to anyone considering getting it. However, girls this young are at risk of being left with a deformity at such a young age. Some of the dangers include nerve damage, scarring, organ damage, infection, anaesthesia problems and pulmonary embolism. In English terms, anything can go wrong and the possibility of your face being fucked for pretty much the rest of your life is not worth the dodgy Botox or lip fillers.

So, the conclusion? Learn to love yourself girls and let ageing do its thing. However, if you're still dead set on going under the knife, PLEASE do your research and look at the dangers as well as the pros of plastic surgery and be willing to fork out big bucks because the possibility of scarring and permanent damage is not worth a cheap surgeon.


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