Celebrity Boob Jobs - Before And After

Not all women were born with a nice full bust and believe it or not, it can really effect a gals confidence. If you could afford to make a change and improve your lady lumps... would you? Here are a few girls on screen who opted for an upgrade.

Kate Hudson

Kate bought herself a boob job for her 31st Birthday, she went with a small enlargement that looks natural - hats off to Kate's Doc!

Victoria Beckham

Never officially confirmed but by the looks of it, Posh Spice either got a breast enlargement or hot puberty in her 30's.
















Scarlett Johansson

Some of the best boobies in Hollywood, this gorgeous lady went for the voluptuous look which seems to attract many a fan...

Heidi Montag

Surgery! Heidi?! Nooooooo.... Okay yes. Probably one of the more famous transitions in this generation, Heidi went from bee stings to boulders.


Courtney Cox

Never confirmed but evident from photos, old Monica got a lift.

Blake Lively

If this girl ever tried to deny surgery it would be laughable. This babies are moving mountains that defy gravity.


Taylor Swift

Taylor still can't hold on to a man, despite those perky little puppies.

Sarah Jessica Parker

It is said that Carrie Bradshaw got a bit of a job done after she had kids, and why not? You get pregnant, your boobs get massive, you have the baby, and they fall to your belly button. That's no way to maintain a milf status.

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