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Breaking Bad's intensity levels have soared higher than Jesse during season 2, with 5 of the final 8 episodes now over there is no time for the brake pedal. It begins with the dreaded Lydia-Todd scene, in which it is affirmed that Todd has reached 76% purity with his meth. Lydia is persistent however that it should be appear blue. Todd feels he can improve but matters are nonetheless anxious when Walt calls to order a hit on Jesse.

Hank and Gomez meanwhile visit Huell, Saul's bodyguard and odd-job man. They tell Huell that Walt intends to kill him, having traced his phone call to Saul. They are of course lying but when Huell sees a picture of a dead Jesse, with brains splattered (a fake but brilliant idea from Hank), he becomes worried. Jesse feels the way to get to Walt is by threatening to take his money but Huell can only tell them that he rented a van for Walt and that it came back quite dirty.


Walt meets up with Todd and his uncle (the hitman). They agree to Walt's hit but only on the basis that he cooks again, to bring Todd up to scratch on pefecting the Crystal Blue. Walt refuses but things get desperate as events unfold. Walt tries to lure Jesse out for the hit by getting Andrea (Brock the kid's mum) to call him but Hank receives her voicemail and immediately identifies it as a trap.

It is dicovered that there was no GPS in the van Walt rented (because of some lawsuit) so a new plan is devised to reach Walt. He is sent a picture by Jesse of a barrell of money which panics him greatly. Jesse then rings him and says he intends to burn the money. Walt races out to the desert, apologising to his ex-partner whilst trying to persuade him that every step he took was necessary. When he reaches the point at which he hid the money, he realises he's been had though! It is too late to throw away his phone battery so he rings Todd's uncle for help. And then Hank, Gomez and Jesse swiftly arrive. Walt calls off the plan to Todd and the gang. It is time to surrender.

This is the end for Heisenberg and his shiftings and evasions! He is arrested and Hank rings Marie to whoop about it! That's when Todd and the gang show up, regardless of Walt's call. The showdow begins and though Walt cries for them to stop, a shootout occurs and we are frustratingly left to wonder who will live and who will die! Thanks alot Vince Gilligan, you jerk!


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