Can Someone Explain What Has Happened To Romantica Ice Cream!?

Can Someone Explain What Has Happened To Romantica Ice Cream!?

Romantica is the greatest desert man-kind has produced. I'll argue this until I'm blue in the face and I don't care if 79% of people in a Twitter poll, I recently conducted, disagree with me, it just is.

So imagine the surprise myself and like-minded people got when we went to make our annual purchase and discovered that Romantica has changed. Changed utterly.

HB have rebranded it as part of their Carte D'Or range, presumably in an effort to make it look more fancy. Not only that but they've changed the recipe!!

They've made the coating of chocolateĀ on the top (and the all important chocolate balls) smaller but then the chocolate balls seem to also be scattered through the middle of the ice cream.


And here's the weird thing: I think it might be actually better. It's one of those things where your gut reaction is to give out and call bullshit but then when it all settles down, it's actually grand.

In many ways the Romantica recipe change is a metaphor for all our lives. You get used to the way things are, you fear change and when it happens you automatically become defensive. But sometimes change is for the better. Sometimes we have to challenge ourselves to grow; to adapt; to reduce the amount of chocolate balls on top of our head.

If Romantica can change for the better, we can too. Let's make 2018 the year we evolve into better people.

Mark Farrelly

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