Here's How Young People Can Reduce Their Car Insurance By 20%

Here's How Young People Can Reduce Their Car Insurance By 20%

In recent years, car insurance for young people has risen to an astronomical amount. Young women and men, men being the least unfortunate, are finding it more and more difficult to find insurance companies to insure them during their first few years of driving.

According to a new survey by AA Car Insurance who surveyed over 3,000 Irish motorists, only one in four people used  “very likely” as an option to add another person to their insurance policy. A move that could reduce the cost of your future policy by up to 20%.

Statistically, drivers are less likely to add a second person to their policy according to the new AA survey:

  • 9.67% said they were “somewhat likely” to do so.
  • 32.63% of motorists said they were “very unlikely” to add another driver to their policy,
  • 7.86% were “somewhat unlikely” to do so and 22.09% had no opinion.

The results gathered found that women were more likely to add a second driver to their policy with nearly 32% surveyed admitting they were "very likely" to do so compared to 23% of men.

AA Director of Consumer Affairs, Conor Faughan, believes it's an invaluable move to save money and get first time drivers insured:


When it comes to steps you can take to help reduce the cost of motor insurance, adding another driver to your policy is a step that many Irish motorists overlook...While it is important that whoever you add to your policy has a driver record as clean or better than yours, adding a partner to your policy can result in a discount of up to 20% depending on your insurer...However, the person you’re adding to your policy does not necessarily have to be a partner.

For younger drivers living at home, Faughan recommends adding their parents to their policy as a named driver which can help make the policy more affordable. The survey found that younger people were far more likely to add someone to their policy to reduce the cost as nearly 53% of 17-24-year olds said they were "very likely" to do so.

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