Cats Were The Unsung Heroes Of The Lockdown Period

Cats Were The Unsung Heroes Of The Lockdown Period

Cats often get a bad reputation compared to their canine friends.

Felines can be contrarian, they don't give you that unconditional love that dogs do, you have to work for their affection.

Well, according to a survey from Royal Canin, a cat food company, they found that cats have been the heroes of quarantine. They surveyed 2,000 cat owners in the US on their relationships with their pets during the coronavirus pandemic and other subjects.

Over half of the cat owners surveyed polled felt less alone during quarantine with close to 49% stating that their pets helped to lower their anxiety over the past few months. Furthermore, the survey showcased that owners have gotten closer to their pets over the lockdown period.

The majority of cat owners utilised the period to discover new places that their pets like to explore and to discover a new food that their pet enjoyed.

76 percent of pet owners, according to the survey, feel closer to their pets now than they did before the lockdown period.


Also, the survey showed that 61 percent of the people surveyed either adopted or fostered a pet during the lockdown period.

In other cat news, the British Foreign Office's cat, Palmerston, is to retire as chief mouser after four years. We wish him well in retirement!

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