What Your Choice of Drink Says About You

What does your choice of drink say about the kind of person you are?  Perhaps this list will help you to figure it out...

1)  Wine

Wine is a classic choice for a classy person; you are sophisticated, suave, a connoisseur in matters of taste and conversation…

… or alternatively, you’re a student who knows that wine is a cheap, fast and convenient way to get drunk.  Anybody else heard about the new Tesco wine brand for only €4.95?  Just try not to end up like this…

2) Vodka & Cranberry (or any other kind of fruit juice mixer)


It’s most likely that you’re a girl and, if you’re drinking heavy amounts of vodka, no matter how you water it down with mixer you’re getting very drunk tonight.

Of course, you could also be that guy who has the confidence to admit that he doesn’t like beer.  You’ll probably get teased by some of your friends for being so brave, but hey, who cares?  Your drink tastes like FRUIT!!

3)  Beer

A generic drink for most guys (and a few girls who could give the vodka/mixer lads a run for their money), beer is great in almost any context- football matches, pubs, watching TV- either as a social lubricant or a solitary activity.


And if you’re anything like a certain Simpson, it may also be the thing that keeps you sane…

4) Cocktails

Since cocktails are too expensive to get drunk with on a regular basis, you’re either rich-rich-rich or giving yourself and the girls a treat.  Cocktails are an opportunity to be adventurous and they come in all kinds of flavours and colours, so don’t be afraid to try a few different kinds.


5)  Dutch Gold

This drink deserves a special mention.  You are fifteen and the streets are your bar!


6)  Tequila Shots

Group activity only.  You’re all in a nightclub, buying each other drinks and trying to get drunk, fast.  You don’t like what you’re drinking but it sure makes dancing seem easy!


7)  Absinthe

You might be trying to kill yourself.  Good luck with that!

8)  Whiskey

If you like drinking straight whiskey, you might be James Bond.  Or someone else who is unreasonably manly and wearing a suit.

9)  Water

You’re driving tonight.  Or maybe you don’t drink alcohol at all.  But probably, you’re driving tonight and feeling pretty low.

Just remember, drink responsibly… Stop at 20..

Caroline McEvoy
Article written by
As an English Literature graduate from UCD, Caroline is now doing her Masters in Broadcast Literacy in Belfast. A lover of both the Northern Irish and Irish capitals, Caroline spends most of her spare time flitting back and forth between the two, and flâneuring about the shops.

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