15 Things That Kickstart Our Excitement For Christmas

15 Things That Kickstart Our Excitement For Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, well it's six weeks away, but still, the John Lewis ad is out!

Christmas really is the best time of the year, with so many traditions to look forward to and things to do and see it's no wonder we love it so much.

However, there really are a few telling signs that remind us that Christmas is around the corner. We look for these signs every year and as usual get excited too early and peak somewhere in early December.

Regardless, Christmas in Ireland is great and there are a few things that really send our anticipation for the holiday through the roof.

1. The John Lewis Christmas Ad

This is particularly relevant as the 2016 ad has been released today. Over the years the John Lewis ad has really pulled at our heartstrings and got us all in the Christmas spirit. You can check it out here.



2. Home Alone

The best Christmas film ever will never get old.


3. Turning on the Dublin Christmas lights

Nothing says Christmas like when the lights are turned on. The city erupts into a glow of lights and everyone feels its magic.



4. The Brown Thomas Christmas window display

Another classic Irish tradition, it continues to awe us with the amount of work that goes into it.


Photo credit: Sebastian Dooris

5. Hot chocolate

When it's cold outside nothing warms you better than some good old hot chocolate.



6. Onesies

An absolute winter staple, the onesie is no longer for toddlers as everyone from your sister to your granny are wearing them.


7. Christmas jumpers

The uglier, the better.


Cheesy_Christmas_Jumpers_Launch_Party_2 - Copy

8. 12 Pubs

This is a more recent tradition that has been whole-heartedly embraced by the Irish public. It consists of a pub crawl to 12 pubs with a large group of people where by the seventh pub someone is getting sick and everyone has lost each other.

drunk girl

9. The 'Sherlock' Christmas special

If this doesn't excite you, I don't know what will. Benedict Cumberbatch's take on the classic detective is mind-blowing and it never disappoints.


10. Ice-skating

Nothing gets you in the spirit like falling on your arse and spraining your ankle.


11. Mince pies

This tradition has been going strong for centuries and it's easy to see why – they're delicious.



12. Advent calendars

The buzz from seeing what shape chocolate you get is the best.

13. Planning presents for people

Scheming for weeks about what you're going to buy your boyfriend is part of the fun.

14. Scarves, hats and layers

Being cosy should always be top of your priority list.

11) Joey wearing anymore clothes

15. Finally..getting to eat your weight in food with no judgement

Whether it's dinner, lunch or dessert, it's cold outside and we need insulation.

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