Stephen Byrne and Coca Cola Announce Their Winner...

Coca-Cola challenged five of Ireland’s most talented up-and-coming reporters to prove that they can “Keep It Chill” in a number of nerve wrecking situations, and all with the help of one of our favourite TV presenters and talented YouTubers Stephen Byrne. A new video from Coca-Cola shows Stephen throwing curve balls at the contestants to see how they cope, and we're loving their responses. These too cool for school reporters know how to keep a chill head through a series of ridiculous challenges, including navigating an autocue malfunction, feigning their best Blue Steel impression when a model fails to turn up, and handling a solo live broadcast.


The winning contestant, Chika, will report live from all three days of Longitude (so jealous right now), with the lovely Stephen on hand to share all his best tips and tricks for becoming a world-class reporter. In addition to reporting all the breaking news at Longitude, Chika will have the opportunity to see the best acts at festivals all around Ireland this summer, including Tennent’s Vital and Electric Picnic.


In addition to its roving reporter, Coca-Cola is sponsoring the Longitude Lounge for the second year running. The Longitude Lounge is the place to chill between catching your favourite acts on stage, giving fans the ultimate VIP experience across the weekend. To keep the chill vibes coming, Coca-Cola will also be exclusively unveiling Ireland’s first thermochromic vending machine which dispenses festival prizes based on your body temperature. The brand has also unveiled its thermochromic cans that change colour when they reach their optimal chill temperature.





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