Coffee And Exam Season: BFF's For Life

It's here, the best time of the year! No not Christmas, exam season...Also no, I'm not being sarcastic. This is the one time of year that people don't make constant comments on my coffee drinking habits. I'm terribly addicted to coffee, and I'm not ashamed of it. But I find it annoying when people comment on it as if their body is a temple. They tell me I've drunk too much or it's bad for me to drink so much, or blah blah blah. Comment on my life because you're a nosy prick and you don't even drink coffee so you know nothing about the actual benefits or downsides of this sweet ambrosia. Also these very people will eat a whole cake or smoke a pack a day, and no one says tickety-boo to them, how is that fair?


Thankfully I'll have some peace and quiet now because I'll blend right into the crowd for the next two months. It is the one time of the year that everyone chugs energy drinks and coffees by the bucketload, and it always brings a tear to my eye to know that coffee can be loved this much. Also, I find it hilarious to watch a load of people who can't handle their coffee and try to act hardcore because they're on their third cups by lunch time. I drink 5-9 large cups a day and my record is 12 in six hours; when I see you brag about being hooked on coffee, all I can think is bitch please, that's child's play.

Despite watching people fail to benefit from caffeine because they're drinking it at the wrong time of day, (I'll get to that) I also love this time of year because coffee breaks are always an option. I can waste away hours, gulping down the greatest drink ever created, and there's always some poor tortured overworked soul in need of a break to join me for it.


What else is awesome about right now when it comes to coffee? It's always a pleasure to sit back on a cold day, wrapped in some blankets with a steaming cup of joe in one hand and six packets of biscuits beside you to snack on when you hit the books. #nirvana



That's when you study at home mind, but if you're in the library it's no fun, it's just a tool you try to exploit for the supposed benefits of caffeine (again, I'll get to that, but you're doing it wrong).

Still, ignoring my ramblings about how awesome the delectably bitter taste of java is, I do have a few wee pointers for you when it comes to coffee and maximising your study:

1) Getting your double whipped iced latte frappuccino with steamed milk and sprinkles isn't going to keep you awake because it's a cup of cream and sugar, not a coffee.


2) Decaffeinated coffee can make you feel alert but reduce the chances of messing with your sleeping pattern (it's like a Jedi mind trick you perform on yourself). 


3) To maximise that caffeinated goodness, don't have your first cup until at least 9:30am, then stop at 11am and wait till lunch time before you start drinking again. Why? because yeah, science bitch.

Best of luck now all!

Mark Byrne
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Has always wanted to write since he learnt to. When he was told he had to be able to spell and use proper grammar he considered a job as a binman, but thankfully he got over his fear of learning how to use proper english. Anything else? I dunno, he likes penguins, I guess. Just facebook creep on him like a normal person.

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