If Your College Was A Music Act It Would Be...?

UCD - Coldplay

Liked by people that don't even like them, just to be cool and accepted by the masses.

DCU - The Script

The people's college, adored by people of Dublin because they're from Dublin...just don't say one bad word  about them or else.

DIT - Madonna


Campuses scattered everywhere like the career of Madonna, hops on the latest bandwagons to be current but very open to diverse cultures...will prevail no matter what.

Trinity College Dublin - One Direction

Very hard to be accepted by those on the inside, adored by anyone in its inner circle of fans and extremely successful, yet despised by everybody on the outside, dissing them will cause and instant twitter war.

University of Limerick - The Cranberries


Proud to be from Limerick, will not take any other band into consideration, regardless of the similarities that may arise.

Waterford Institute of Technology - Westlife

Family orientated and housewives favourites...all whilst producing safe yet boring product.

NUI Galway - Maroon 5


Having produced our current Taoiseach, Tánaiste and President there is no doubt they are extremely successful in certain areas but just not popular with the cool kids...they appear inoffensive, but over time their songs become so irritating and stuck in your brain.

NUI Maynooth - Radiohead

Championed by their own fans but fairly boring to everyone else bar a select few hispter type publications *...

NCAD - The Strokes


Insanely cool in the 00's and still followed by hardcore fans, their recent releases are seen as slightly pretentious yet possibly not far off their best work. It doesn't matter though because they don't care what anyone else thinks.

UCC - Kanye West

Self proclaimed best of everything, will throw toys out of the pram at every opportunity. Could potentially be a genius but people outside of his immediate circle and fan base are too tired of him running his mouth to pay any real attention.

*NUI Maynooth became the first and only institution outside of North America to be included in the Princeton Review of Best Colleges in 2011..

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