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Welcome and it’s great to meet you guys. I have to say that first off the bat that I caught your Arthurs Day gig in Hogans and it blew the balls off me...the sheer power you guys produce live for a three piece is phenomenal!

Thank you , we take a lot of  pride in  our live performance . We’re aware we’re loud , but for it to really work live and to move people you gotta be tight players . Its not coincidence we sound how we do . Its time and effort .

So, the new album is dropping on the 9th of May...are you ready for performing it live and looking forward to the release?

We’re very much looking forward to getting out there and playing again . When you are away from it you realise how much a part of you it actually is . For us there's a hit we collectively get from playing a great show . We fed off that for two or three years then disappeared to make a record . We’re hungry again .

Reading through your “ROCK 'N' ROLL IS DEAD. LONG LIVE ROCK 'N' ROLL!” press release and following your journey on social media one can see it’s been a whirlwind few years for The Minutes..will we hear that on the new album? 

Whats noticeable to me about the new record is that there are more songs on this one . By that I don't mean volume of tracks I mean we took a lot of time to make these songs the best they could be . We thought about them alot  . Crafted them .  And naturally by us writing the tunes our experiences do come through .

The title “Live Long, Change Often” it an ideal that you guys live by in your music? Do you feel you can stay relevant and gain longevity by mixing things up?

If we didn't feel we could stick around and do this we’d be long gone by now . To live an Interesting life you gotta try things . Otherwise you’ll be very bored very soon .We could have easily made the same record as last time but what would the point in that be .

Can we expect an evolved sound on the new album?

Refined and honed are two words I’ve heard in relation to the sound .  I sing more on this one than the last . Theres definitely a progression .

What is The Minutes approach to song writing?

On this record we had time to think about what we wanted to do . So there was a measured approach to how we wrote for this one . We’re all about having a hook in there and a groove . That's our method without giving too much away .

What's been your favourite Minutes gig to date?

No one in particular springs to mind . but we done our own tour of germany a couple of years back and that stands out to me . Night after night we fucking hammered it . Played twenty something back to back crackers of shows . That was great .

So with the album on the way what's the plan? Can we expect to see The Minutes on the festival circuit this summer?

Yes you can . We are doing our  best to be everywhere . Omnipresent but fully aware we can't be all things to all men . Sea Sessions LCS in Kilkenny are gonna be a buzz.

Which act from The Hives, Flogging Molly, Foo Fighters and Kings Of Leon have been the best to hang with?

The tour with Flogging molly was a good buzz . Lots of drinking and messing . That was a whole month of debauchery . The Hives are sound lads too but we only got to do a weeks worth of shows with em .

Is Dave Grohl’s title as “the nicest guy in rock” justified or did you get to spend much time with him?

Briefly met him twice . And yes he is a super nice dude .

What’s your view on the current make up of the Irish music industry? Any peeves or improvements you guys would make? Or anything really impress you or piss you off?

It is what it is . I dont give it much of a thought .From experience though there are some really great people out there working in it . It is getting better . There are more positives than negatives .

And finally here’s a chance for a shameless plug to our readers...

If you are reading this , go out and buy the record now . Failing that ,  come see us live . Failing that , Carry on regardless .

Cheers lads,


“Live Well, Change Often” will be released on CD and download on Friday 9th May on Model Citizen Records.

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