There Is A €3 Music Festival Happening This Weekend And It Looks Class

There Is A €3 Music Festival Happening This Weekend And It Looks Class

Music festivals offer some of the best opportunities for laughs and hijinx each summer, unfortunately, there are two things that typically mar, however slightly, everyone's enjoyment of a festival. Two seemingly small, yet inescapable issues that always succeed in taking the edge off an otherwise perfect weekend. The first is that festivals are always unapologetically expensive affairs that seem to affix a sluice directly to your bank balance, siphoning off money at an unsustainable rate. The second is that the majority of festivals don't take place in a car park in Sligo. If these two qualms had been dampening your enjoyment of festivals, then oh boy, the Sligo Summer Festival is set to soothe these concerns.

The Sligo Summer Festival, 9-12, is happening in the location of your dreams, a car park in Sligo - specifically Stephen St. Car Park, Sligo and with admission being only €3 a day if you're over 12 years old - which I take it you are, and if not, please you are outside the intended audience demographic of this article so please leave.

Given that it is €3 per day the line-up is actually quite impressive. Easily the biggest name on the bill is Example, whose heyday was admittedly around the turn of the decade, he is still, as the organisers point out, undoubtedly the biggest name that has ever played the festival in its seven year history.

The other names on the bill are Mundy, Paddy Casey, Mike Denver and Kieran Quinn & Guests - not being familiar with this last act I am unsure as to whether the alluded to 'guests' are simply other acts that are still TBC confirmed or whether that is the name of his ensemble band. A quick Google could put these queries to bed but I feel that idle speculation is an art that is fast becoming irrelevant in the digital age and should be celebrated whenever it can be.


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Rory McNab

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