DIT SU In Car Accident

Incumbent DIT Student Union President Glenn Fitzpatrick and Ents officer William Meara were involved in a nasty car accident yesterday on their way down to the Waterford for a  USI training event.

The pair, according to their Facebooks were travelling down when they came into a spot of bother with a flat tyre just outside Kilkenny. After changing to a temporary one they got back onto the road only to be struck by another car from behind sending them spinning into a ditch.

Thankfully no one was injured but looking at these photos from Meara's Facebook page it's appears like the pair were very lucky.

Fitzpatrick released this statement  concerning the accident on his Facebook page last night,


Dear all,

yesterday evening at about 9.30pm I was involved in a car accident. Luckily, I'm alive and well but I've never been so shaken about anything in my life. I need to get this all off my chest immediately and express this openly.

I was travelling down to a Students' Union training event in Waterford with Will when we fell victim of a flat tyre just outside the turnoff for Kilkenny. Having changed it with a temporary one, we started off again. We were on the road less than a minute, going about 35km when another car rammed into mine from behind and sent us spinning into a ditch. Thankfully it wasn't a concrete wall like large parts of the motorway. The car is destroyed and thankfully there was nobody in the back seat as it condensed pretty badly.

We've eventually made it down to Waterford and are settling down but I'm not sure I'll sleep tonight. Everything has been put into perspective. Don't worry about me, I'll get through this with the support of the family and friends that I'm privileged to have. I would just ask that you cherish life a little more. It really is a wonderful thing but can be taken away so easily.



Shane Johnston
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Editor for CollegeTimes, UCD graduate and music lover. [email protected]

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