Inevitable Experiences Every Student Goes Through

The average student will go through several experiences, good and bad, on the road towards their degree. Here are the top events that occur in the majority of college students' lives. You'd be lying if you didn't see a piece of yourself in at least 10 of them!

17. Crash a party you weren't invited to.

The party of the year is going down and you're not invited. Pick up a sneaky nagin and gatecrash that party.

16. Your friend shifts the guy you like.

You go to the bathroom on a night out and come back to find your friend sucking face with the guy you like.

15. Work in a job that's beneath you.

Your parents cut your allowance. You have to get a part-time job to finance your excessive drinking.


14. Wake up with the fear after a class night out.

No matter how responsible you are on the beer, we've all woken up with the fear after a college night out. Remember you had that shoulder of vodka for pre-drinks rather than a naggin? You wake up with absolutely no memory of the previous night's activities and send your friends some apology texts.

13. Attend an 'iron stomach' contest.

Most colleges in Ireland host one of these stomach-churning contests. Usually the prize is a college ball ticket or just instant celebrity status on campus for the winner. Think of the most disgusting combinations of food and slap it on a plate for the contestants to eat. Expect copious amounts of puke. Entertaining for everyone involved - just don't sit in the front row!

12. Have at least one 'black week.'

Miss every lecture in your week. And NOT because you're sick. Just because you feel like it...


11. Fall asleep in the library.

Exam time around Christmas and summer are the occasions when this event happens most. Students are commonly found asleep in front of a computer with a pile of books and red bull cans littered around them.

10. Inter-rail across Europe.

Travel while you're young and free! See the great cities of Europe with your friends while you still have summers off. From Amsterdam to Budapest, you'll gain some lifelong tales of adventure and see the world in a whole new light. As the saying goes, 'travel broadens the mind' - that is only if you make it out of Amsterdam.

9. Repeat an exam.

That gut-wrenching feeling when you see the word 'fail' in your exam results. Ah well. You're not on your own!


8. Proclaim your love for one of your lecturers.

We've all been there. Man or woman - there's always one lecturer who has caught your eye. Gazing into their eyes from afar and dreaming about what could be! You tell your friends about your newfound crush and find out that they share your love!

7. Have a prized 'golden week.'

You've done it! You're a winner and a total coll-ledge! 5 days in full and every lecture attended in full!

6. Attend a lecture still drunk from the night before.

Sitting in a lecture still buzzing from the night before. You have a bottle of Lucozade in one hand and a packet of Extra in the other. Suddenly you take a turn for the worse as the last of the alcohol leaves your system. You don't feel so well. This was a very BAD idea...


5. Shift someone from your own class.

Oh the unbearable awkwardness of scoring someone in your class on a night out. You wander into a lecture the next day and realise that you will have to see this person for the remainder of your days in college. You tell yourself that you won't let that happen again. But it always does...

4. Hand in an assignment after the deadline.

You may get deducted marks but you don't care anymore. It's out of your hands. No more work - where's the SU bar?

3. Blatantly plagiarise an assignment.

Whether you 'borrowed' a friend's assignment or quoted from Wikipedia, you know you plagiarised and pray to God that you won't be caught. If you get away with it, you're a magician.

2. 'Pass by compensation.'

The 3 most beautiful words for any student. You got 35% and managed to get bumped up to 40%. Nothing will ever taste as sweet. It's music to your ears.

1. Go on a J1.

The J1 has become a rite of passage for Irish students in recent times.  Live and work in the US for a summer. Guarantee yourself some sunshine and craic in any city from San Francisco to New York. USIT and Go4less are the companies you want to see to book your flight to the States. It's not too late!

Ian Smith
Article written by
Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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