What Your Drink Says About You


The old not-so-reliable, vodka is a treacherous one. Without a doubt if vodka is your go to drink then you've had a few nasty nights. You've sworn that you'll never drink again umpteen times and you've tried out many different drinks but vodka always seems to drag you back in like a bad love affair. You're renowned for your dance moves and sometimes use vodka as the answer to your problems.


For this one, there's two types of people. If it's a lovely vinegar tasting €4 bottle, then you're so broke you can't even afford mixer and have to drink it in shots to get it down. If it's an actual decent tasting €10 bottle from Dunnes then you've probably just been paid. Pros are you'll be able to drink it without gagging.



 You're known for your liver of steel, you're a seasoned drinker and can handle anything. When you tell the vodka drinkers you actually like the taste they stare at you as if you've got ten heads. You're the one who misses all your lectures cause you're curled up around a toilet the morning after a night out questioning life.


You're the party animal who everyone blames for being a bad influence. “It was all going grand until YOU suggested tequila!!!”. You'll admit it tastes like piss with added chemicals but there's simply no better way to turn a normal night into a crazy one.



You've gotten to the point where you've realised people drink alcohol for the taste as well as the intoxicating effects. You went to a fancy bar where they gave you gin in a teapot and ever since you're in love with the stuff.


You're a sick bastard.



You stick with cans because they're reliable and because everyone won't stop bringing up the night you were on whiskey for all the wrong reasons. Your middle name is now “pukey”.


It never ends well, it never has ended well, it never will end well but you stick with the shots anyway.



You're a light weight, through and through. There's no denying it. Whenever you touch spirits the nights a blank and you get the solid piss taken out of you for a month. Although you get the piss taken out of you for only drinking alco-pops anyway, so you're not sure which is worse.


You're so broke you can't afford to buy anything so you raid the cupboards at home and for some unknown reason they're full of god damn brandy. You spend the night gagging.



You're the one who spends the day after looking through the receipts in your bag and crying because you spent 70 euro on strawberry daiquiris.


You've had too many bad nights with vodka so finally you've found a drink with less percentage that tastes yummy. By your fifth glass your teeth are ready to fall out and your stomach is in bits from the sweetness alone. Back to the vodka so.


You get a mixed reaction when you tell people what you're drinking because rum has a marmite situation going on, you either love it or hate it. When the haters get a whiff of it they'll proceed to gagging in your face as bad memories return to them of a nasty encounter they had with rum.


Emma Sweeney

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