A Dublin Pub Is Giving Free Food This Week To People With These Names

A Dublin Pub Is Giving Free Food This Week To People With These Names

There is an interesting and bizarre theory known as 'nominative determinism' which states that people with particular names often gravitate towards professions or hobbies that reflect their name. The term was coined by the New Statesman in 1994, after their Editor noticed several peculiar author's names on books that'd been sent to their offices; including, as pointed out by a professor in the University of Manchester, an article in The British Journal Of Urology written by A. J. Splatt and D. Weedon.

Well, the Back Page, a pub located in the part of the world known as 'Phibsborough', have determined that if your name is either 'Raymond' or 'Rosalie' you will be entitled to a 'free lunch' between the hours of 10am and 3:30pm between Monday-Friday this week. Perhaps you are an international businessperson, named either Raymond or Rosalie, whose body clock is literally all over the shop and you would like to take your free lunch at 10am. Well, if so you would be well within your rights to throw all that was previously understood about appropriate meal times out the window and get tucking into a quiche - assuming they serve quiches - that early in the day. "But what timezone would such a person be acclimatised to were they to want their lunch at 10am?" I hear you plaintively wail at your computer screen. Well, thankfully, in a glaring affront to other pressing work responsibilities, I have decided to find that out. It turns out that, for it to make sense for this hypothetical businessperson to eat their lunch at 10am they have returned from a business trip in either Brazil, Argentina or Greenland.

As I think we can all agree, this post, aside from the below embedded Instagram, has been a colossal waste of all of our time, it must end here.


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Rory McNab

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