What To Eat On A First Date

Going on a date is daunting. You want to come across as ladylike, classy and elegant. Batting your eyelashes, flashing your prettiest smile and laughing at all the right jokes...

He seems to be really loving you right now and you think this date is going smoothly. However, when you read the menu, your stomach starts to growl. If you don't eat soon, things could get ugly and messy. Therefore, you've devised a plan to make sure the hunger doesn't get the better of you. . .

1) No messy foods.

You're a food lover, so when you really enjoy a meal, all etiquette and manners go out the door. Kind of like the way you were when you were a child. Only, it's different now. Food smeared all over you're face is not considered cute when you're older. Tonight, you're going to look alluring, attractive and more appealing than the food on the plate. He won't be able to take his eyes off of you. That won't happen unless you stray away from the messy foods. You're looking at the menu, and very tempted to indulge in your favorite meal; Spaghetti.

Drinks come… It gets messy…


Woah Woah Woah there….  That's a bad idea. It's messy, and as much as you'd love to rein act the scene from the Lady and the Tramp, it's not going to be a pretty sight. And you need to be pretty tonight.

2) Calm down

DO NOT act like your pet when it's food time for them. You know what I mean, when they get all giddy, make a noise of happiness and salivate in their excitement? Don't do that.

You've ordered a starter and meal that you're not crazy about, but for the sake of this date you're willing to make the sacrifice. Suddenly you're starter arrives, and the challenge to eat gracefully begins. The delicious aroma of food tingles your senses, and you feel yourself lose focus. No! Tame the beast! Do NOT unleash it tonight!



…..You're not as strong as you think you are, and you slip up straight away. You were so eager to dig in, you took a sip of the soup and it was scalding hot. You scream, jump a little and fan your burnt tongue. Suddenly you remember you have company, and you look up to your date laughing. So far, so great. . .

3) Pay attention to your date, not the passing waiters

Yes, you did come to the restaurant to eat, but you mainly came here to enjoy and relax with someone special. Unfortunately, the hunger pain is taking over and you're not doing a very good job. You barely had any soup since you burnt your tongue, and you're impatient and edgy with the HAnger. You're answers are short and your crankiness is putting a damper on the mood. The poor fella doesn't know what to do to, and so the conversation dies down. As waiters pass by you eagerly look at the plates they're holding, and you don't hide the disappointment you feel when it turns out it's not your meal. You know you aren't impressing your date right now, but you're so just hungry..

4) Eat with elegance and grace to rope him in


Food eventually comes. Your date manages to look amazing while he eats. You can't help thinking you're such a lucky girl. Everything he does is flawless and done with such perfection and grace. You know you don't deserve him. And then you begin to wonder what he see's in a girl like you. .  .

You don't care!

You have only one thought in your mind. FOOD! Oh glorious food has been served.

The plan you had about being classy and elegant.. to hell with that! A girl's got to eat! You look like a beast devouring it's prey as you ravish your meal. You've probably food in you're teeth or sauce all over your face, but you really could not give a damn! You're hovering down that food likes there's no tomorrow and you're probably making a weird face too. So much for classy and elegant . . .

Namra Amir

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