Eminem and Rihanna "The Monster" Video

Eminem has released the anticipated video for "The Monster," the fourth single to be taken from The Marshal Mathers LP 2. Like with "Love The Way You Lie," this song features Rihanna singing the same chorus over and over again as an interim for Eminem's rap. The video shows her acting as Em's psychiatrist, whilst he relives harrowing moments from his career. Catch a glimpse of the video for "The Way I Am" and "3 a.m.;" see Elton John and him uniting at the Grammies; look once again on 8 Mile- it's all in there! Already having been a Number 1, this single will surely be overplayed to death, so enjoy it while it's still relatively fresh:


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Andrew Carolan
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Andrew (b. 1991) is the main music-editor. When not correcting the haphazard grammar of his brother and co-editor Matthew, Andrew enjoys listening to old rock and pop music, thinking about his favourite animals and playing piano.

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