What Your Celebrity Crush Says About You

Shall I compare thee to a celebrity? I possibly might or I may just let my imagination run wild. Us guys are easily influenced when it comes to celebrities, all that has to happen is for someone like FHM or Nuts or anyone to say a female is hot and BOOM we want her, we lust after her. Now, granted we don't all just hound after the one type of female celebrity as we all like different shapes and personalities but in general we can be split into personality types based on who we ogle, or maybe we can't...but I'm going to do it anyway.. here's what your celebrity crush says about you.

Zooey Deschanel

You're: A little drunk (you've got your eye on the new girl)

Ah Zooey, I 'll be honest straight off the bat. She annoys me. After 500 days of summer I was sold, but New Girl swayed me into feeling me that she only has one character in her...and it's more than likely an extension of herself. You on the other hand in lusting after her have difficulty talking to girls who don't act like one of the lads. It will be comfortable at first as you appreciate that she appreciates your requests to watch sports and have your mates over however it will begin to wear quite thin when she starts belching louder than you all and embarrassingly leading the chants. Broaden your horizons as you seem to fall for one trick ponies when you have "a few in you".

Colleen Rooney

You’re: Pretty delusional and need a good slap (but your tail is WAGging)


You have an obsession with WAGS. Why? I don't know? Maybe your sister had an obsession with Footballers Wives or something. You only have the hots for Colleen because you think that  if Wayne's 300k a week wasn't in the way being with you would be a viable choice for her. But it wouldn't would it? She'd probably have shacked up with Luke Chadwick and when his career potential dropped probably had a run at Frank Ribery. You don't have enough money to buy her so may as well concentrate on the rest of this list at least you know they're way out of your league. It just makes it easier when it's fantasy.

Christina Hendricks 

You’re: All about the classy ladies (but still a bit of a mad man)

You are into classy things. You like your women in dresses that don't necessarily show everything off. You like to admire the finer, more intellectual points of a women. You like when she takes charge in the bedroom. Not because you're inexperienced but because you get off on letting go of your inhibitions. You also are a fan of really really big breasts.



You’re: Emotionless (only chains and whips excite you)

You like a bit of kinkiness in your everyday life. But you often suffer from being embarrassed by those around you, as they step out in public scantily clad. You also have trouble committing to people. It's often a case that with any new partner matter how much they're into you, you will never feel the same way about them. Still kinky dawgggg you!

Katy Perry

You’re: Super horny (you've got the eye of the tiger)


You tend to have a thing for pop stars and imagine them in sexual ways. Right now it's Katy Perry having previously been Brittany Spears. Katy holds your interest because of her cheekiness and the fact that she is the ex wife of Russell Brand so you know that a) she would be a bit of a laugh and b) probably knock your socks off in the bedroom. You also have a thing for bouncy boobs. 

Scarlett Johansson

You’re: Well rounded (black widows don't scare you)

You like your women well rounded. Looks, intellect and athletic. You are an ambitious person as you are constantly punching above your weight and you rarely take no for an answer.

Emily Ratajkowski

You’re: Not dead 

The English born model/actress is probably the hottest thing on planet earth right now and if you can't see that then you're either asexual or rigor mortis has caught you early.

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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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