Every Guy Group Of Friends Ever

Lads. The Lads. The ones you always go to when you are in need of a laugh,  a few beers and a kebab or when you just need a little ladvice. In every group there are some classic characters that your guy group just wouldn't be complete without because they all offer something different. And they are...

1. The Romantic

The guy that can't seem to go a day without falling hopelessly in love and there's usually about three or four different loves of his life at a time. This guy always seems to bring the conversation back to which one he's most in love with (right now). He's all poetry and love songs.

2. Quiet But Brutal

"When did you get here?" is usually the internal reaction when they finally say something. They love being around for all the talk but don't really contribute until they want to say something. They come out with amazing one liners, life destroying roasts and when they get drunk you get the rare opportunity to see them outside of their shell.



3. The Talker

The Talker is a great one to have around you when you have some free time because he just loves to talk. If you feel like you are the quiet one the two of you work perfectly together. You love to listen and they love to let everything that's in their head out at any given chance.  Silence is their natural enemy but you have to wonder what they do when they alone? They aren't so great when you are dying of a hangover though.

4. The Happy-Go-Lucky One

This character never seems to take anything too seriously and life returns the damn favour. Things usually just fall into place for them and they never really have to try too hard to get by. Whenever something heavy is going on in the group they are usually the ones to offer the optimistic perspective. They can be great at last minute thinking and are usually up for whatever you wanna do.




5. Long-Term Relationship

Buy one get one free with this lad. Never without his girlfriend, which is fine she's pretty cool I guess but sometimes you just want to have him around so you can properly be yourselves. By nature we as men are vulgar and can be pretty savage at times and you just can't let it all out when they are with him. When this guy is single he's usually the life and soul of any session but you only get him for a few weeks before he's with someone else and that's it for the next few years.


6. The Worker


Always has money but is never around to enjoy it, his weekends are spent doing whatever it is that he does and he gets a good 8-10 hours of sleep every night so no midweek parties for this guy. If you ever need money this is usually the guy to offer it to you because they just seem to have their life together but what's the point in all that money without a little excess and irresponsibility? Answer: There is no point.


7. No Game

As the heading suggests this one has absolutely no game. Whenever he tries to chat someone up it just leads to an awkward few seconds of conversation and a painful silence as he tries to think of something then returns to the group, head held low. We all feel for him, we really do but it's just so sadistically funny. He usually gets over it pretty quickly though and tries to get right back on the horse. Fair play.

8. The Long Distance Friend


You can go for months without seeing this guy but as soon as they reappear from the depths of god knows where and after a quick catch up on all the gossip, it's like they were never gone. You spend a lot of time with this person when they are around but as soon as they appear they are gone again and you just have to wait until they are ready to re-emerge, like a baby deer.


9. The Gifted One

There's always one who is amazing at everything. This either comes from their determination to be amazing at it or they just have a natural born talent for everything. They always have some kind of a party trick or they always have something brainy to bring to the conversation for when ye want some stimulating intellectual conversation before you go to Nando's.

10. Sporty Spice

Anything you could ever want to know about football/basketball/golf, whatever, is in this guy's head. He lives and breathes sport and is always up for explaining the ins and outs of it. If you aren't into sport this guy is great to have around when you need to fake knowing about who's playing who. Also has tips for when you want to place a bet.



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