19 Facts Of Living In An All Male House

College life, some of the best years you'll spend. If you're a lad, and you're living in an all male house, there are some facts you'll some come to realize. From sharing a bed to pissing in the shower, here are 19 facts about living with lads.

1. You will see each other naked at some point or another, and that’s ok.


2. You will play (and probably lose) in the infamous game ‘Odds’, more than you might think.


3. When you bring a girl home after a night out, getting her out in the morning without the others seeing will be harder than doing a bushtucker trial on “I’m A Celeb”.



4. You will quickly learn that walking around the house in just your pants, or with no clothes at all, is completely acceptable.


5. There’s always the one housemate that will never cook their own food, but will ask you for some of yours.


6. One housemate may get himself a girlfriend, and if that person is you, be very prepared for the ‘whipped’ jokes.



7. Even though you all have your own beds, you will still all try squeeze into the one bed the morning after and become a hangover burrito.


8. You will find yourself staying in while your mates go out just to watch a movie on the couch with your housemates, and there’s no judgement as to what you want to watch.


9. Even though your parents might think that the house is a sty, in a lad’s point of view, it’s perfectly liveable.




10. Cleaning is done as quickly and effortlessly as possible.



11. You’ll find yourselves having tournaments on the PS4 or XBOX with very bad consequences for the loser. You’ve been warned.


12. Remember when I said that one of your housemates might grab himself a misses? You’ll soon see that her visits will become more frequent and you’ll question whether going out into the kitchen in just your jocks is still acceptable.


13. One of the housemates will more than likely have tickles and he will be tortured until the day you move out.



14. You’ll help each other out if one of the lads gets lucky, this could mean sleeping on the couch if you’re in a twin room or simply offering him a condom if he has run out (being such a stone cold stud).


15. You’ll pull pranks on each other quite regularly, some innocent, some not so much.



16. You'll soon learn the value of time, especially in the mornings, and you'll see that the shower will become the new toilet for you in these times.


17. One housemate will always peak at pre-drinks, and sometimes not make it out, meaning you’ve to stay and watch him.


18. No night out is complete without sitting in the kitchen when you get home, talking about whatever antics you were up to in the club.



19. And the most important rule, you NEVER break the bro code. Ever.



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