What The F*ck Is Meow Chat?

Yesterday my life became a mix of invitations to / people giving out about invitations to Meow Chat... Thankfully I wasn't the only one, what seems like all the people in the world took to their favourite social networks today to complain that they were being bombarded with invitations to join Meow Chat. The app is a new social network featuring pictures of a big orange cat... Hence the name.

But what is it? And is it safe?

Meow Chat is a brand new Instant messaging / kind of Dating App

Think Tinder x WhatsApp, or Grindr x Facebook Messenger. You can message your friends or go right ahead and arrange a booty call.

It’s called Meow Chat Because Of The Cats... Obviously.

There are images of cats everywhere, and by tapping an orange cat at the bottom, you can talk to other people who have clicked it too.


You all got invited to it this morning for a reason

Because Meow Chat asks to link up with your Facebook profile, it asked users who hadn’t already to send out invites to their friends, all within the last 24 hours. Hence the onslaught of invites.

It’s potentially more precise than Tinder

Whereas everyone’s favourite boredom killer/hook-up tool Tinder works by location, Meow Chat goes one further and asks you to fill in your interests, thus finding you people that are ‘compatible’ with you. Nifty?

Is anyone actually using it though?

Mixed bag here. Getting invited en masse to the same app is irritating, but Meow Chat claims that it’s the fastest-growing social network in the world. What with WhatsApp having been bought out by Facebook and Tinder getting to be progressively more boring, Meow Chat could just be the next big thing.


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