FIFA President Announces New Facebook Apology Regulation

Joseph 'Sepp' Blatter, the current President of FIFA, has recently announced ahead of the release of FIFA14, that for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil they will be enforcing the new 'Facebook apology" rule.

Sepp Blatter holds up a copy of the new rules at a recent press conference

In an interview Blatter stated; "We will be enforcing that after each match the losing team must post an official apology on the victor country's Facebook page. The post must include praise for brilliance, naming of specific players, and the acceptance of the fact that they are shit."

Some countries have already begun practicing the new mandate in preparation for the 2014 games.


During the conference a female reporter from BBC gave a comment directed at Blatter, she said, "These new guidelines set down for the coming games are not only immature but they are indecent, mean spirited and chauvinist." Blatter's response was so immediate and forthright and perfect that all reporters were stunned and didn't record it.

(Disclaimer: This article in its entirety is false)

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