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So I am sure you all heard Cheryl Cole on the Graham Norton Show speaking about why she got her huge arse tattoo? After recovering from her bout with Malaria she made a F*ck It List. No it was not a list of all the people or places she would like to have sex in. Instead of a bucket list with huge aspirations, a F*ck It List is a list of things where you can simply say F**k It...

1) A Tattoo

A Tattoo is something that you have for life so of course it should never be a decision made lightly. A tattoo saying YOLO or lyrics like 'Call me maybe' probably isn't the best way to go. However if you're one of these people who says you can't get a tattoo because it will look awful when you're 80, who the f*ck is going to care about how you look when you're 80?

2) Going Rogue

It can be easy to waste years trying to fit in with people. You're not being true to yourself and you're never really going to be happy with the person you're pretending to be. So fuck it. Be yourself because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.


3) Sex It Up

Have sex whenever and wherever you want and never let what other people think stop you. If you like someone or fuck it, even if you don’t like them but think they’ll be good in the sack, go for it. Sex on the beach? Why not. As long as you find someone who is happy to experiment with you, do it. Granted, it's not the best idea to shout it from the rooftops that you're banging every night of the week but as long as you're happy and satisfied then what's the problem? You're in a time of your life where experimentation is key to getting to know yourself, just keep it wrapped ladies and gentlemen alright?

4) Rest Up

If you're a morning person that's fantastic, if you're more of a late night owl, just as great. There is this idea that we should all form into the same schedule. Yes, if you work nine to five then you will have to grin and bear getting up in the morning but that doesn't mean you have to force yourself to do the same on your days off. It's the weekend, fuck it!


5) Let Go of the Past

Easier said then done but once you realise that if you let go of the heartache of the past and just learn from it, you open yourself to all the opportunities of the future.

5) Experiment

No, I would never advise for someone to try Heroine. There is a difference between getting a little high and ruining your life. This is why you have never heard of Crystal Meth Brownies. Not even once kids. However if you have ever wanted to remember what it was like to laugh so much milk squirted out of your nose while watching Sponge Bob then do it. Your life is your own, it might be fun, it might be God awful, but don't just sit there and wonder. Who cares what Mary down the road thinks of you.


6) Surrender

The future will come whether you plan for it or not. Now obviously pension plans should be of some sort of priority for the future, but there is only so much you can plan for the years ahead. If you don't plan every moment of your life then certain surprises won't be as much of a shock and the bigger surprises will be a lot more fulfilling. Don't sit around waiting for life to happen, get up of your arse and do it for yourself. Don't plan, act on it. Make your own future baby!

5) Travel

Do you really want to be that person who sits down in the pub and talks about how they would have loved to have seen more of the world when they were young? You can save and plan and dream all you like but sometimes you just have to go for it. If you look for flaws there will always be flaws. The timing is never going to be perfect. Just Go.


7) Hidden Meanings

Stop looking for hidden meanings in everything around you, the good is a lot easier to see when you stop looking in the cracks and simply open your eyes.

8) F*ck the Guilt

We have all done stupid shit. Either to ourselves or to the people we care about. You can try your hardest to amend these mistakes but after a while you simply just have to let the guilt go and carry on. The full chocolate cake is now in your belly. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it was f*cking delicious <3


9) Honesty

Obviously an air of civility should always be shown but for some reason most of us make this huge effort with people we can't stand. There are some people you will just simply not get along with. It is impossible to try and make everyone like you, spend your time with the people who are with you for you.

10) Soul Mates

Who finds their true love in their early 20s? Stop looking so hard. That’s what your right hand is for.


11) Education

Growing up you have a set plan, you go to school, get your exams and you go to college. But college isn’t for everyone.  It doesn’t have to be the be all and end all. Do a Masters if you want to but don’t feel like you have to just because it’s what everyone else is doing. Take your time and discover what you’re passionate about and what makes you happy because that is what will bring success.

12) Lying to Yourself

This year I'm going to become a size zero Victoria Secret model, I will find a boyfriend just as attractive as I and life will be sorted. No you won't. You'll stick to this until the next night you go out, go home and devour a large garlic cheese chips and then wake up the next morning next to a  lad who could be the cousin of your man from The Goonies. By all means set goals, set them high. Everyone should strive to improve themselves but for the love of god set realistic ones. Life is far too short to be constantly disappointed in yourself because you didn't marry Orlando Bloom. Years wasted!!


13) Feel How You Actually Feel

If you wake up one morning and feel like the world is just a shitty place that's OK. Sometimes we all need to let ourselves feel like shit sometimes. There are those days where you just have to say to yourself, 'Not today', get back under the duvet and stay there for the evening. If you wake up one morning and you stub your toe and all you want to do is shout out every curse word under the sun then fuck it, do it. Just make sure there's no kiddies around to hear you. We are given the gift to feel as wholeheartedly as we want to and there's no need to fence these feelings in. You have to take the good with the bad sometimes but that's what makes you appreciate the good so much more. If you're happy, be goddamn happy! Who cares if you look like a crazy person walking down the road with a big smile on your face. Fuck it!


 14) 50 Shades of whatever you like


If you’ve always wanted to dye your hair bleach blonde, fuck it, do it. Acid green? Why not. Employment may be that little bit harder but sure challenge accepted.

15) Relationships

Sometimes we think that once we're in a relationship for longer then a year we feel like we have to work really hard to keep making it work. If the sound of them chewing their food or their general presence in your company makes you want bang your head against the wall it might be time to say goodbye. Don't be afraid of being alone because that's when you truly discover the person you are. You've had a good run though right? Recognise when it's time to walk.




Bronagh Flynn
Article written by
An English major in the University of Limerick. This country bumpkin may claim she spends her days reading 'War and Peace', contemplating life when in fact she is re-watching episodes of Girls in her quest to becoming a somewhat respectable member of society. An old man at heart, she loves a whiskey on the rocks and over packed clubs give her nightmares.

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