Ehh... I'm Having Woman Problems! The Best Excuses For Calling In Sick To Work

We've all had that day (some more than others) when you wake up and you know you can't face work. Whether it's because you're extremely hungover after getting home from 2 hours ago or you want to spend the day with your friends spending money you really don't have. Either way you need a good excuse for calling in sick to work so here's a list of some to choose from...

1. Girl Problems

Works extremely well if your boss is a man, he'll most likely become very uncomfortable and not ask any more questions.

2. The 24 Hour Bug

Perfect for a day off work because when it magically disappears the day after nobody is suspicious, but for those 24 hours you are on the brink of dying and work is not even an option.


3. College Work

This will usually work better if you plan what day you're taking off a bit longer than the day before, you can invent an unmissable lecture / trip or an imaginary exam you've to spend the day studying for.

4. Hospital Appointment

You've a very important hospital appointment, it could literally be life or death... no it's definitely not just a routine blood test.


5. Family Problems

Your sister has been arrested / your house is infested with ants / your dog's been kidnapped, so unfortunately you won't be able to come in to work today.


Alternatively if you're feeling brave like you don't give a shit about your job, you could always just tell them you wont be coming in although I would not recommend this, nor am I responsible if you get fired..


jodie Brady

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