Football Clichés That We Hear Every Season

Every season we're blessed with new signings and new managers that bring a different style to the Barclays Premier League. There are some things, though, that we can't get away from, such as reused phrases that pundits and players alike constantly spout. Here is a list of football cliches we hear every single season.

18) 'Every game is a cup final'

This one has sprung up a lotespecially this season with one of the closest title races in years. Gerrard was quoted weekly saying this up until the infamous slip.

17) 'For a tall lad he's got good feet'

Zlatan, Crouch and Adebayor are all tall lads, but are also known for having good feet. Zlatan is probably the best example of this, with Crouch falling back on his headers more often than not.


16) 'The Premier League is the best league in the world'

Ohhh Controversial. We hear this every year on Sky Sports. I would agree that it is the most competitive league in the world, but the two best players in the world are in a different league, so what does that say.

15) 'They took their foot off the pedal'

When a team is comfortable leading and lets it slip, they always resort back to this one. Sometimes though you got to take your hat off to the opposition.


14) 'You have to take each game on its merits'

A classic from the RTE pundit, John Giles reminds us all that every game is different and is like no other. Such wise words.

13) 'Form is temporary, class is permanent'

When a player takes a dip in form, they always have to reaffirm everyone that they will be back to their best in no time.


12) 'They wanted it more'

I don't agree with this one, I feel it is disrespectful to the losing team. If that was the case, every team would really be practicing "wanting" instead of football during the week.

11) 'Parking the Bus'

A lot of teams are criticised for employing negative tactics. Teams like Chelsea and Inter Milan won the Champions League playing this way.


10) 'He is a brick wall in defence'

The ultimate defender; strong, agile and great in the air. Sometimes they go a bit over the top with their tackles in the name of defending.

9) 'He's already paying back his price tag'

When a big name signing scores a few goals the pundits love to use this one. For every star signing though, there are always flops.


8) 'He is a manager's dream'

The ultimate professional, he works hard for the team and is always willing to do what is necessary to win.

 7) '19th century football'

This one is used for the teams that don't have midfield maestros. They often resort to long balls up top, but if executed well it can be very effective.


6) 'It's a game of two halves'

This is a classic and when a team is getting hammered this may be the only solace they have. Istanbul in 2005 is probably the best modern example.

5) 'At the end of the day'

When Roy Keane is asked to give his final thoughts on a game he can't help himself. "At the end of the day like, they only have themselves to blame".


4) 'You can only beat what's in front of you'

John Giles has been known to use this one as well. When a team has been plagued with injuries and not at their best they always give them the benefit of the doubt.

3) 'He has been linked with...'

On transfer deadline day, we hear this over 100 times. Linked with, seems to have many meanings and they will make up anything to create some drama.


2) 'He is a terrific player'

Managers love to praise their players to make them look humble. Harry Redknapp and Brendan Rodgers can't help but show affection for their players.

1) 'It's a beautiful game'

All football fans have been through the highs and lows of the game. We know what heartbreak feels like just as much as we do triumph. After you watch a great game of football there is no better way to describe it.

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