From Sessions To Sleep Ins: Why Living In Student Accommodation Is The Best

College living sums up a very certain image in the minds of most. Some of us, the dreamers shall we say, imagine frat houses and keg stands and non-stop partying, when in reality, you're likely to be stuck in a houseshare with a thirty-year-old teacher named Siobhán and three exchange students who only leave their rooms for library breaks. There's only one thing to do my studious little friends, get yourself into some serious student accommodation. Here's why living in student accommodation is the best:

You're guaranteed to be living with actual students.

Houseshares can go either which way (in my experience, usually the wrong way, but that's neither here nor there), and let's face it, you can apply for houseshares all you want but until you're actually living there, you'll never be quite sure whether there's a sneaky mature student or a young professional lurking in the third room by the bathroom. Know how to avoid that? Student only accommodation, my friend. See The Student Housing Company, for the best of the best accommodation.

Think of all the friend making opportunities you'll have. 

Lots of young, (mainly) fun and similar minded individuals like yourself are only a hop, skip and a door knock away from you. Let me think about that....YES PLEASE. Whether you choose to live with friends or to go it alone and mingle like the little pringle that you are, a whole new untapped resource of friends are waiting for you.

House parties, house parties galore.


Once you get a large congregation of party animals (yeah I'm talking about you guys here) together, a big house session is pretty inevitable. Whether it's a couple of pre-drinks that escalate into something bigger or even a birthday, then someone's living room, the student bar or if you're lucky, a common room is the perfect, post lecture hangout for all of your party needs.


You're pretty much guaranteed to be right next to college. 

And what does that mean, I hear you ask? It means being on time for class and getting good library spots and, oh who are we kidding here? It means sleeping in until ten minutes before your lecture begins. It means little to no taxi fares on nights out. It means fun, fun, fun. Getting tempted? Get more information here, so you don't miss out.

Your social life will take a very positive hit, yaaay!


Goodbye nights of sneaking home to your 'rents place at 5am and smashing the place up in your vain attempts to cook beans on toast and HELLO afterparties and post club cans and on campus parties that rage on until the wee hours. What's that sound? The sound of your pumped up social life, that's what.

And you didn't hear it from me, but your love life will do nothing but benefit from it all.

Well, your parents or that guy Séan in the room beside the landing might not approve of your exciting love life, but your young, fun and equally out there accommodation buddies sure will. You're literally living with a whole variety of exciting, young and interesting people and so really, this is your time to shine, if you know what I mean. *Insert winky face here* ;)

There's always bound to be something interesting happening.

From organised group activities (hey, I'm not judging), to card games in the common room, to movie nights and group breakfasts the morning after a heavy one, one thing's for sure, you're never going to be bored, lonely or uninspired. Get stuck in!


Your mates will always, always want to call over to yours.

You're in a bright, young, fun environment that just so happens to be buzzing with activity and is right in the middle of everything going on, so you can forget calling out to yours mate's house in the suburbs and get out the kettle/ cans a'ready. This is everyone's home now and you'd better be ok with that.

You probably won't get faster internet anywhere else.

As a student, one of the most important things (aside from food and not failing, obviously) is having super fast, super reliable internet for all of your streaming, creeping and of course, studying needs. Never fear, student accommodation is here and with it, the fastest and most reliable internet you'll ever need.

And finally, your parents will be happier with the whole student accommodation thing too. 

Not only are they safe in the knowledge that you're less likely to freeze to death or walk the wrong way home from your lecture when you're living in student gaffs, you'll benefit from this handy little arrangement too because they'll be less likely to ring you up sixteen times a day, just saying...

Sinead Kelly
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Sinead enjoys nothing more than taking short country strolls, watching upper class crime thrillers and planning her next romantic gesture. A true romantic at heart, she spends 364 days of the year counting down until the next February 14th.

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