The Pain Of The Leaving Cert Summed Up In 14 Sublime Tweets

The Pain Of The Leaving Cert Summed Up In 14 Sublime Tweets

The Leaving Cert starts today and that means English Paper 1, absolutely class weather and awful memories of sitting in exam halls so stressed out that your eye balls are on the verge of popping out. But enough about me. We've collected a bunch of funny Leaving Cert tweets that neatly summarise what an awful experience it is.

Having your confidence crushed into dust.

Melting under the white hot pressure.

Trying to tell yourself it's not a big deal but it SURE FEELS LIKE ONE.

Having to endure two hellish weeks when all you want is cans and memes.


Trying to focus on doing well but can't stop worrying over what you're going to do for the rest of your life.

Hoping the nightmares will end. Still waiting.


When your parents are SO invested in your results.

When your granny means well but it makes fuck all difference.


Even if you did poorly, it's not all bad in the end.

And you can use a bad result to your advantage. No one will ever know.


And some words of wisdom for those currently feeling the pain.

Yes. Yes, it will.

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