Girls Night Out V Girls Night In

Ladies across the country are hanging up their high heels on a Saturday, grabbing a cheeky bottle of rosé and heading over to an empty gaff for a Girls Night In. So why are we swapping the bodycon dresses for PJ’s and the VIP Krystal wristbands for friendship bracelets? A study recently conducted by Ladbrokes, which surveyed 2000 women in the UK, found that 70% of all women asked would opt for a night in with the girls over a busy night on the town, and 60% of those women followed up with the long queues being the main deterrent from going wild and painting the town red.

It comes as a side effect of living in small urban bubbles. Going on a night out holds many potential risks that can easily be avoided when you stay in. For example, unless your mate is shacking up with your sloppy seconds, there is little chance of bumping into an ex at a female’s only slumber party. 15% of women survey claimed that bumping into an ex on a night out is a legitimate fear. A further 34% of women surveyed said they dreaded the task of looking after a friend when they are out in town.



Truth be told, the thing you look forward to most on a girls night, is all the juicy gossip that you can spill and trade as a collective unit. When all the girls in your group are busy working or studying, it’s nearly impossible to catch up properly as a pack. The trouble with organizing your girls nights into girls nights out is that there it’s nearly impossible to keep all the girls together when you go to a club. This means, no gossip and no banter as a group. You might as well have gone out alone! When you’re out, ex’s aren’t the only people we fear! 32% reckoned having a good gossip without it falling on the wrong ears – like, perhaps, the person who you happen to be talking about – was one of the deciding factors of keeping the girls home bound. Without the deafening top 40 blaring from Coppers, 80% of surveyed ladies said a night in with the girls was best for having a laugh.

Not to fear, the fun loving, party going raver girls aren’t dead in the water. 62% of the girls surveyed still said that a night out was the most exciting, but when the opportunity arises to have all your girls in one place, we like to pile on couches, get out our wine and salty treats and just gossip!

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