Good Christ! Irish Restaurant Launches Dog Specific Menu

Good Christ! Irish Restaurant Launches Dog Specific Menu

In the 1950s there was a law introduced to ban animals from restaurants. In 2017 that law was replaced and since then, there have been many restaurants around Ireland that have become animal friendly venues. However, it is still at the owner's discretion whether or not they allow animals into their establishment. This restaurant in Belfast has been the first place to launch a dog menu alongside their regular menu and we are loving it.

The Dirty Onion is situated in the Cathedrals Quarter in Belfast city. They have teamed up with local pet food brand Naturo to sell healthy meals for dogs to eat alongside their owners. Some of the dog meals that are up for grabs include, salmon and potato, lamb, turkey all served along rice and vegetables. They also offer doggy desserts too. Get your pooch and treat them to a meal out with their fav person. (You obviously) #TreatYourDoggy


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Mary Stafford

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