Over Half Of You Will Have Lunches Stolen At Work

Over Half Of You Will Have Lunches Stolen At Work

The lunchtime crime is a daily struggle and a reality for 9-to-5ers up and down the country. Is there anything worse than going to the work fridge and finding your prized sandwich/ snacks gone, never to be seen again. No, there isn't.

Thankfully a new study by Deliveroo has uncovered the true culprits of the lunchtime crime. Polling the nation's office workers, Deliver for Business discovered that over 61%, six in ten people, are victims of colleagues stealing their food and snacks.

56% of those polled have been victim to this heinous crime in the past twelve months and 47% of people believe a food thief is amongst them. 74% of people know who the culprit is. Due to this, nearly 37 % of Irish workers have stopped taking food into work because it always gets swiped.

Here are you the people who are mostly to swipe your snacks:  

A fellow colleague in the office - 49%

A work experience person - 15%

Someone in accounts - 14%


Someone in IT - 13%

The office junior - 12%

Next desk neighbour - 11%

CEO - 8%

MD - 7%

The top places were your food is swiped:

  • Office fridge/ communal areas - 47%
  • Cupboards - 23%
  • From your desk - 19%
  • From your drawer - 11%

Surprisingly, 25% of Irish office workers admit to knicking food once or twice a week and 10% admit to being regular thieves. HR teams are cracking down on office food theft and Irish workers receive, on average, five emails a year about workplace offenders. The food most likely to get swiped includes:

  • Sweet treats - 55%
  • Tea and coffee - 45%
  • Crisps - 19%
  • Sandwiches - 18%
  • Tupperware/ homemade contents - 9%

What do we learn from this?  Work from home.

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Garret Farrell

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