Christ Alive! Gummy Bears That Can Prevent Hangovers

Christ Alive! Gummy Bears That Can Prevent Hangovers

It's no secret that in this fair green Isle, we're fond of a socialable drink or two. Whether it be a pint of Guinness, a nice Pinot Noir or a bag of cans with the lads our social calendars tend to revolve around drinking.

With drinking comes the aftermath, the banging headache and ropey stomach and the "Hangxiety". The always reliable Urban Dictionary defines "Hangxiety" as the feeling of overwhelming guilt, stress and worry you experience the day after a drinking binge. Sound familiar?

There may be a solution. A New Orleans start-up called Toast! has partnered with researchers to determine alcohol's effect on the body and how to support your brain, heart and liver after drinking. Based on this research they have come up with a product which also plays on our childhood nostalgia, gummy bears! Not just any gummy bears, a gummy supplement for alcohol drinkers formulated to support your body and its natural response to alcohol.

The product tagline is "To a great night and better tomorrow", it sounds too good to be true. Toast! is designed to help your body in four ways. The ingredients help reduce inflammation, boost your ability to breakdown and neutralize acetaldehyde, diminish oxidative stress, and help you get a better night sleep.

Here are some of our other trialled and tested hangover cures while we wait for the gummy bears to cross the Atlantic:



Simple, refreshing water, the best hangover prevention and cure. If you're feeling fancy, try adding citrus fruits like lemon and lime and transform your regular water into wellness water. The secret to this hangover prevention is preparation. Like most drunks your not bothered with going to any sort of minimal effort for water at 4 am. Keep water by your bedside. You'll thank yourself the next day when you feel surprisingly human after a night of drinking.

Milk thistle 

Milk thistle is a natural herb which is known to help support the liver. Its main ingredient is Silymarin is both an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. The most common form of Milk thistle comes in is liquid form which can be taken with water.

Food after the pub

The food you have after a night out can have a big impact on how you feel the next day. As much as you might crave them try and steer clear of grease-soaked chips and pizzas, they will only make you feel heavy in the morning. The best thing you could have that's open at 4 am is a chicken kebab. If you take out the refined white bread and lashing of sauce you have a nice chicken salad. The chicken gives your liver a good supply of amino acids to metabolise alcohol, and the salad gives a much-needed vitamin boost.

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