Hallelujah! There Is A Derry Girls Club Night Coming To A Night-Club In Cork

Hallelujah! There Is A Derry Girls Club Night Coming To A Night-Club In Cork

Personally, I've found that there are few better ways to make a night out in Ireland one to really remember, than by having some tangential reminder of The Troubles. If that is also you're bag then we've got some truly smashing news for you. A nightclub in Cork is hosting a night themed around the hit Channel 4 show Derry Girls.

The night will take place on Wednesday, April 3 - or next Wednesday if you so prefer - in The Secret Garden and The Hidden Attic on Cork's Hanover Street.

The event page, which can be found here, urges you to 'grab your old school uniform or (jean jacket if you're looking to be an individual), borrow some money from your trust fund, fill yourself a suitcase of vodka and if you have some wee-yuns - find a sitter!' Heed their advice - though maybe not the bit about filling a suitcase full of vodka, as, I think it goes without saying, some bouncers can get pretty rough and ready if they catch you attempting a number like that.

The night will be filled with some of the most memorable 90s hits that have featured in the show so far. There is perhaps even a chance that, should the situation arise, and the DJ slips on 'Rock the Boat', for everyone to slink to the club's sticky floor to provide a moving rendition of the wedding scene from this week's show.

If anything, it is only surprising that it has taken this long for a Derry Girls themed night to have come into existence. If you are in Cork - or are in a suitably flexible position and are so inclined as to commute to Cork specifically for the purposes of attending this event - then shoot your chuff over to The Secret Garden on Wednesday night.


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