How To Handle Summer When You're Body Conscious

There are two types of people during summer. Those who love it and those who fucking hate it. I am among the night owls who would rather wrap up during winter than expose my stomach rolls. The word 'heatwave' doesn't exactly make those body conscious jump for joy. We force dread upon ourselves when summer rolls around because we know we can't hide ourselves under baggy clothes anymore. However, with plus sized models becoming the cover of famous magazines nowadays, there's no need to body shame ourselves into not showing any skin this summer. If you are feeling self-conscious this summer, here's how to handle it.

1. Fake It Till You Make It

No one is born confident. It's something you learn to portray as you get older. Pretending you're the most confident person in the room will eventually work in your favour and soon enough you really WILL become the most confident person in the room.

2. No One Gives A Shit

When you're a self-conscious person, you're your own worst enemy. You're your hardest critic and you think everyone else is judging you with you. However, the reality is, no one cares if your arms jiggle or if you develop stomach rolls when you sit down (which happens to even the skinniest of people by the way), so why do you? Don't waste the summer worrying about how you'll look if you show off your curves, own it and shake what yo momma gave you.


3. Smoke And Mirrors

There are so many clothes available for all different body shapes that can do wonders for your figure. If you're conscious of your belly and crop tops give you an anxiety attack, pair it with a high waisted skirt or jeans and your jiggly bits will be no more.




4. Don't Feel Pressured To Diet

Dieting is never healthy. Depriving your body of the food it needs isn't the way to go about getting your body into shape. Swapping sweet or salty snacks for fruit and vegetables and adding some extra exercise into your day is the healthy way to lose any weight you're self conscious of. But remember, only lose weight if you're doing it for yourself.

5. Stop Worrying What Others Think

Easier said than done yes, but you can't enjoy yourself if you're constantly paranoid that people are judging you. As Coco Chanel once said, ''I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all.''


6. Wear The Fucking Bikini

Realistically, no one is happy with themselves. Even the skinniest and most gorgeous girl on the planet will find something she is unhappy about with herself. Confidence is desirable and if you decide to break society's norm and embrace your curves in a bikini, everyone else will follow suit.

7. Accept Yourself

No one looks the same. No one has the same finger print or birthmark. Accepting the fact that you don't look like the rest of your friends is the first step to overcoming your body conscious issues. It's also the first step to leading a happier and care free life.



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