How To Deal With A Three Day Hangover

If you never have experienced a three day hangover - this weekend you are in for a shock. But, I am here to help you get through it and recommend some provisions you may need. Here my CT readers is How To Deal With A Three Day Hangover.

1) Buy Food Beforehand

Don't be foolish - you will need food for this serious operation. Buy it before the three days begin because you might not even have the energy to reach the phone to order a takeaway when this drink infused weekend is over. This is common sense now isn't it?

2) Stay Hydrated

Water will be your best friend. If you are to survive these three days you must stay hydrated. We don't want you fainting now do we? Keep your sh*t together people.


3) Sleep

None of this getting up and being productive the day of a hangover sh*te. Utter nonsense. If you want to survive your three days out you will have to sleep all day my friend.

4) Forget The Fear Until It's Over

If you have The Fear and if you have embarrassed yourself or scored someone you shouldn't - don't think about this now. You have two more nights out to go. Take all the embarrassment and hide it away until your hangover. Then when you let it all out, you will be able to assess it frantically. The relaxation, TV and food will help you.


5) Stay Clean

This may seem obvious but you have to stay clean. Showering will help you sober up and feel better. Don't let your laziness defeat you. You deserve this ice cold shower.

6) Coffee Supplies

Drink that coffee. It will help you, wake you up and get you to battle through. You got this. Coffee is good for you.


7) Netflix Movies Prepared

Now, before you leave to head out prepare what Netflix series you will watch the next day. The three day hangover will make you anxious, nervous and indecisive. You don't need hours deciding what to watch. You're better than that.


8) Stay With Friends

Make sure you have friends to hang with the day of the epic hangover. They will make you laugh, forget about your problems you may have caused and, more importantly, eat the same amount as you.

9) No Emotional Films

If you watch a film that is in anyway emotional you will cry like a baby. Whether it is a cartoon or PG13, you will weep in this fragile state. You have been warned.

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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