How To Do Perfect Winged Eyeliner Every Time

How To Do Perfect Winged Eyeliner Every Time

Achieving the perfect liquid eyeliner is seen as a task so arduous, many girls refuse to even attempt to do it. Well, get ready to leave those days behind.

Eyeliner is seen as harder than contouring, eyelash curling and eye shadow combined. However, it's by far the most popular make-up look out there. Not only does it open up your eyes, but can also completely change their shape, giving you that sexy 'cat-eye'.

It's important to note that different eye shapes require different eyeliner styles as well as what styles will suit your make-up look and of course eye colour.

By choosing the right style for your eye shape, that perfect flick can be perfected in a few simple steps.

1. Identify your eye shape

This should be the first thing you learn before applying eyeliner. By knowing your eye shape, you can flatter your eye accordingly. For example, I have round eyes so a long, thin flick accentuates my eyes making them look less round. This list should help with finding the style that will flatter your eye the most.

Round: Long, thin lines on the upper lid


Almond: Any shape you want, this is the most versatile shape

Close set: Apply a line thinly along the lash line with a thicker flick near the outer corner

Protruding: Apply a thick line on your upper lid to make eyes appear less protruding

Downturned: Focus on applying a flick in an upward motion at the outer edge of your eye

Wide set: Focus on the inner corner to make your eyes appear closer together

Hooded: Start by thickening your lash base by applying liner between the roots of your lashes and be sure to apply your liner thicker at the outer corner of your eye.


Upturned: Apply a thin amount of eyeliner on the bottom of the eye as well as the top

Monolid: Start off with a thin line at the inner corner and make it thicker as you go along


2. The product

In my opinion, when it comes to eyeliner it's all down to the brush style. For liquid eyeliner, this can mean a pen, a thin brush or a thicker gel liner brush. Also, a big factor you may not know about is designer eyeliner and high-street eyeliner are the exact same. There is such little difference you're better off getting a cheaper version and using a primer.

Top tip: Try them all and see which one works for you. I know people who prefer thin brushes while I prefer using a pen, it's all personal preference.


3. The method

The main advice when applying eyeliner is to have a steady hand. It might seem frustrating but it's one of the most important factors. As well as this, the biggest mistake people make is trying to do winged eyeliner in one movement. This is a BIG mistake girls make. Follow these steps below to get the perfect eyeliner every time.

  1. Apply your flick first by placing your brush at the outer edge of your eye and drawing a thin straight line in an upward motion.
  2. Using the tip of your brush, apply another thin line to the base of your lid until you connect to the upward flick.
  3. From here, thicken the line at the base of your lid using small thin strokes.
  4. Finally, begin to thicken the upward flick and connect the base line to this upward line.
  5. It's as easy as that!

However, out of all of these tips and tricks combined, the absolute best way to get perfect winged eyeliner is to practise. It might mean trying it 30 times but I can guarantee you will improve and be rocking it in no time.

Ciara Finnegan

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