How To Find A Cool Internship This Summer

The reality is that you're probably not gonna walk out of college and into a job but there are ways you can get the ball rolling and maybe make that a possibility. Everyone loves their lazy summers but it's a good idea to use this time to build a few connections, a decent body of work and to have something productive to do this summer. Hey it sounds boring, but you'll thank us when you've landed your first cool grown-up job...

1. Start With People You Know

Remember one thing during your time in college: networking. Build connections with everyone you can, chances are at least one of them is going to end up somewhere you wanna be. It's not just schmoozing, it's networking. And it's worth it.

2. Check Everywhere That You'd Like To Work

The worst thing about being an intern is also the best for employers: you don't usually get paid. What's not to love about free labour? Employer's will usually try and have a few interns at hand at all times so check all the places that you'd like to work for vacancies.

3. Ask Everywhere


If there's nothing available in the bigger places or the ones you ideally want to work, apply to everywhere that you can. You might lose out on a bit of summer but the experience is way more valuable than cans of cheap beer in your back garden.

4. Try Organize A Few Different Ones If Possible

Internships are usually short term and it's good to have a few different varieties of experience at your back. If you are offered a month of experience, take it and organize another one for straight after. By the end of your time in college you're gonna be well set. No scrounging off the parents for you.




5. Build A Decent Portfolio

Your portfolio has got to stand out and show that you are capable of good work. If your internship needs examples learn to work fast and to be able to edit yourself. If you know something you have is shit then don't send it in unless it's all you have. At the end of the day, someone might still like it.

6. Work From Home

If you can't get residence work it might still be possible for you to work from home and just send it in. Ideally you wanna get the full experience but this is a great way to gather portfolio samples and a reference.


7. Clear Your Social Media

Make sure to hide your sins. Clean up anything distasteful that might be on your social media accounts. All of them because most are linked.  Employers will probably do a quick background check and see your wall is entirely photos of you wasted drunk, probably not gonna hire you. It's fine to let that out when you get the internship, but initially keep it on the down low.

8. Research The Position

Show your employer in the interview that you know what you're doing. Tell them some proper facts like their reach, target audience, when it was founded and anything else about them that you can find.

Video: Google interns' first week


Credit: Google

Sean Quigley

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