11 Jobs For Graduates Who Just Want To See The World

Everybody wants to travel. It's as simple as that. We all want to see the world and when you finish college, it's pretty much all you want to do. But that pesky 'having money and getting a job' thing beckons. What if we told you that there are jobs out there that actually allow you to see the world WHILE getting paid. Yep, those jobs exist. I know, your mind is blown. But here they are, the 13 of the coolest and easiest ways to find work abroad.

1. Au Pair


This is for people who love kids and want to travel the world while taking up a few nanny jobs. This position is a way to really get to know a true local family. You get to help them out and live like they do. These positions are usually paid, and you live with the family rent-free. Many places in Europe, the US, Canada and others participate in au pair programs. Do some research on your country of interest and make your way over there.

2. Working Holiday



Where are you from? Have you researched whether you’re eligible for a working holiday visa in another country? Probably not, but that’s OK. I’m here to tell you that you should. What better way to live and experience another country than by getting a working holiday visa and moving there for a year (or more)? You're still working and traveling. It’s the perfect job to have abroad. What types of jobs are there? Tons. You can do anything from fruit picking, mining, working at a hostel, serving at a restaurant, gardening or working in construction. The list goes on.

3. Seasonal


There are tons of random, seasonal jobs you can do around the world. I have met plenty of people who’ve walked into a bar and started that night. Some have found jobs at hotels. Some were fruit pickers in Australia. The luckier ones found gigs performing at bars. Others managed hotels at night. Again, the list goes on. A variety of other random jobs are out there. You just have to search for them. People are willing to take you in, give you work and throw you a few euro. That’s all we want, right?

4. Teacher



I have ranted about teaching English overseas enough. I can give you tons of information about teaching English anywhere in the world. Also, if you feel you might not be qualified enough to teach English, think again. Try going to different language schools and seeing if they'll hire you. Sometimes, they're desperate enough to hire anyone with a decent knowledge of English.

5. Yacht Crew


This is a job I learned about on my travels. People need staff for their yachts. Yes, that’s correct. You could live on a yacht and drift to a destination with the folks who hired you. You also get paid mad dough. Check it out for yourself. If you love boats, this is an amazing catch. Too bad I get seasick.

6. Instructor



This is a broad term, but that’s because many jobs can fit into this category. What are you good at? Can you be a surf instructor, kiteboarding instructor or yoga-Pilates teacher? One of the more popular ones is actually a diving instructor. You would be surprised how many places are hiring diving instructors who know English. Think about it. Diving is a sport that needs to be effectively and clearly explained to newbies for safety reasons. Some are paid, and some are volunteer-work exchanges. Either way, this is a pretty sweet deal if you love to dive. A quick Google search with the type of instructing job you’re interested in will pull up results. If you’re already abroad, hit up a yoga studio, dive shop or any other place you want to work at.

7. Tour Guide


Perhaps you’re already abroad. You know the place pretty well, but your wallet is getting thinner as we speak. I’ve met people who are tour guides in the destinations they chose to live in. You’re getting paid to show off a city you love. Um, awesome. Knowing another language besides English would be helpful.


8. NGOs

Human rights activism, giving back to the community and other amazing help for the world come from NGOs. They appeal to people in all fields, and (of course) are needed around the world. Many are paid positions. Although you won’t be making it rain, the help and love you will be providing will be priceless.

9. Musician



OK, I don’t mean this if you have a drum set collecting dust in the corner. You need to be a bit better than “decent.” Depending on where you are, you can certainly find paid gigs around the world. Just go for it. Use your feet to find these jobs. Roadie jobs can help, too.

10. Digital Nomad


This is me. I have become a digital nomad. Who would have thought? I promise I did it by accident. However, it’s the coolest job ever. The best part is, many jobs can actually be done without being location-dependent. Can you do your job from a computer, and a computer only? Then why not become location-independent and get your butt on the road? If you can do your job anywhere, why are you sitting in the same exact place? If that’s OK for you, go for it. Purchase your plane tickets now. No excuses.



I can do everything from my laptop. WiFi is available everywhere. (God bless technology.) I get to make my office where I want it, when I want it. If you don’t have a job in which you can just pack up and move, consider looking at the jobs you can do that only involve a computer. I have already written some great tips about working online that you should check out. Google is your friend, people. Yes, I have met some people who have helped lead me to information regarding particular topics. But overall, the Internet has provided the information I need.


Hopefully, some of these tips will encourage you to research where you can find a job abroad. Sometimes, a position might not be online. So if you have a bit saved up first, just go to your destination and find work once you get there. It will work out.

11. Spontaneity


Show up in Australia and find work within 48 hours of landing. Find a yacht staff job requiring no hospitality experience and little experience on a boat. You can find a job teaching within four days of landing in Bangkok, and you can even turn down a few offers. When you get on the road a bit, you learn that there are so many opportunities out there. You just have to find them.



Not up for a “real” job? No problem. Why not work a bit for free food, shelter and other benefits? Perhaps you can just trade your time for something else, like a house. There are plenty of ways you can travel for practically free without getting a “real” job.


By Nina Ragusa.


You can find the original article here, and more of her work on her blog

Nina Ragusa

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